Kemer yacht rental

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Motor yacht DOLCE VITA

3 12 2007 22x5

Turkey (Kemer)

From: $2,000

Motor yacht TUALEN 1

3 12 20x5

Turkey (Kemer)

From: $1,200

Motor yacht ELIZA 2

2 12

Turkey (Kemer)

From: $700

Motor yacht CHAYKA

3 12 16x5

Turkey (Kemer)

On request

Catamaran DEMI

3 8 2011 14x8

Turkey (Kemer)

From: $5,200

Motor yacht TOROS

2 12

Turkey (Kemer)

From: $900

Motor yacht TU NAVY 4

2 12

Turkey (Kemer)

From: $600

Sailing yacht ETERNITY

4 12 2011 17x5

Turkey (Kemer)

From: $700

Yacht charter in Kemer is an interesting active vacation

Holidays on the southern coast of Turkey are not only touristy beaches and hotels, and all-inclusive, it is also an opportunity to discover this amazing region, the famous Lycia, which still keeps the traces of the legendary Alexander the Great. And the best way to help you with this is yacht rental.

Kemer is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, so a small ship is a usual transport here. Yacht charter in Kemer opens up several possibilities for you at once:you can stay away from the noisy, crowded beach, choose a secluded bay and relax there with friends;you can choose a route that suits you and literally every day discover something new and interesting in this region;

You will get an unforgettable experience and relaxation from a sea cruise, it is simply impossible to describe in words.Therefore, you will need to find an interesting route for you.

Choosing a route for traveling on a yacht in the Kemer region

Renting a yacht will allow you to visit the maximum number of places in the shortest possible time and at the same time properly rest and relax.

So, here's where you should go from Kemer in the first place:

  • ancient city of Mira;
  • Olympos cable car;
  • Goynuk Canyon;
  • Mount Takhtaly;
  • Moonlight Park;
  • Phaselis town and bay;
  • Ataturk Boulevard;
  • Yoryuk park;
  • Beldibi cave;
  • clock tower.

It remains to choose a vessel for your journey.

How to choose a yacht for rent in Turkey

When choosing a vessel for travel, everyone will have their own preferences, some will choose comfort, others are important budget, the third is speed and the ability to sail quickly and dynamically. Here are some basic tips when choosing a boat to rent:

The key factor in choosingOptimal vessel
BudgetarySailing yacht. This is the simplest and at the same time the most common type of vessel. You can choose from a huge number of boats, large and small, of different configurations and years of manufacture. Although this is a budget solution, a cruise on such a yacht can give you a lot of pleasant experiences.
SpaciousnessCatamaran, or luxury yacht. The catamaran is about 50% larger than a yacht of similar length. Luxury yachts, as a rule, are always more than 20 meters, so there is enough space even for large companies of more than 20 people.
SpeedMotor yacht. Such a boat will sail about 3 times faster than a sailing vessel. In addition, an indisputable advantage is the fact that the seaworthiness of a motor boat does not depend on weather conditions.
ComfortLuxury yacht. Boats of this class will provide you with the maximum possible comfort, although you will have to pay well for this.
Stability and securityCatamaran. Vessels of this type are much less swaying on the waves, minimizing the effect of seasickness, in addition, they are very stable and almost never sink.

So, if you want to rent a yacht in Kemer, but do not want to go into the details of this issue, contact our specialists, they will be happy to help you. Also, make sure to find all our offers for renting a yacht in Turkey.

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