Rent a cabin on the yacht Lagoon 620

6 12 2019

Cuba (Cienfuegos)

From: $890

Rent a cabin on the yacht Panorama II

25 50 50x11,5

Bali (Benoa)

From: $2,050

Rent a cabin on the yacht Dream 60

6 14 2011 18x8

Maldives (Hulhumale)

From: $780
From: $1,150
From: $2,750

Rent a cabin on the yacht Ipanema 58

6 12 2019 18x9

Caribs (Le Marin (Martinique))

From: $985
From: $715

Rent a cabin on the yacht Eleuthera 60

4 8 2008 18x8,5

Bali (Serangan)

From: $940
So, you have come to another country and want to diversify your vacation at sea, but renting a boat or catamaran is too expensive, and there is no company for a joint order? Renting a cabin will help you. This is a great solution for those who are vacationing alone or for two and do not want to spend a lot of money on renting a whole boat for 8-10 people.

Who and when is it profitable to rent cabins?

  • If you come on vacation with your soul mate, or with a child, or with a close friend, or generally prefer secluded relaxation and want to go on a sea cruise, you have a good alternative to renting a whole boat for a lot of money - a cabin for rent. As a rule, cabins on yachts and catamarans are double. Therefore, when the price per person is indicated in the tour description, they mean the place (berth) in such a cabin. Accordingly, you can either rent two seats for yourself and your significant other, or rent the entire cabin as a whole.
  • Taking a cabin for rent, you start the journey alone, and on the way you can make new acquaintances, or even make new friends, possibly from other regions and countries. So such a journey could potentially end up in a new relationship.
  • If you compare the cost of a bed charter with the cost of a hotel room (average simple room), the amount will be roughly comparable. But! By renting a place in a yacht, you are not spending a passive and boring vacation, but actively traveling, discovering something new for yourself literally every day! Think about whether you should trade a bunch of new emotions, impressions and discoveries for a boring lazy vacation on the beach. After the sea cruise, you will definitely have something to remember!
  • When you are going to rent a cabin and choose a specific tour, you decide the duration yourself. Some like short trips for 2-3 days, others like to dive headlong into adventures and are ready for 7-10 day tours. In any case, there are plenty to choose from. You choose the best option for yourself.
  • As a rule, the possibility of renting a cabin is offered on a large boat, such as a gulet. This means that you will travel in comfortable conditions with service personnel. At the same time, you get all the same options as in the case of renting a whole boat - food, linen, towels, bathrooms, equipment for active sports, an inflatable boat, etc.
  • By renting a cabin, you get access not to a touristy beach, as is often the case in high season, but to cozy coves and beaches of uninhabited islands. The whole sea is at your service!

How to find cabin charter offers?

They are placed in the same way as ads for yacht and catamarans rentals. This is an especially popular service in Turkish resorts such as Bodrum and Marmaris, where there are many gulets, there are free cabins during off-season. If you are interested in such an opportunity, you can contact our specialists. They will be happy to help you find the best solution for you, taking into account the program, duration, budget and your other wishes. Either way, you get:
  • standard amenities in your cabin - air conditioning and a separate bathroom with shower;
  • you and other passengers are served by the staff, which on a gulet usually consists of the captain, stewards, cook and cleaners;
  • on any trip longer than one day, your tour will include meals. As a rule, these are meals on a three-day basis, or on an “all-inclusive” basis. This issue is resolved even before departure;
  • you receive a set of bed linen and towels for the entire duration of the tour, and they are always included in the total price, so there is no point in taking them with you, this will allow you to free up space in your luggage for other important and necessary things;
  • almost always, when renting a cabin, the price includes fuel and insurance costs (separately for passengers and the vessel);
  • if provided by the tour program, you will have at your disposal equipment for diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc.
In fact, charter a cabin for you is no different from charter a whole yacht, you just go not with a group of friends, but with the same cabin renters. And if you are a sociable and cheerful person, then this is even a plus, not a minus, because new acquaintances are always interesting.

Advantages and disadvantages of cabin rental

If you are interested in renting a cabin on a yacht - contact us. We will find an interesting offer for you.
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