Catamaran rental

Catamaran No Worries

2 15, 20 15x9

Dominican Republic (Casa de Campo)


Lagoon 450 Sportop

4 12 2019 14x8

Thailand (Phuket)

From: $4,280

Catamaran OSAYA

4 10 2020 13x7

Turkey (Marmaris)

From: $4,720


4 10 2016 14x8

Turkey (Fethiye)

From: $3,900

Sailing catamaran Mawimbi

2017 11,75x6,63

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,900

Boomerang catamaran

2 25

Dominican Republic (Casa de Campo)


Catamaran Bali 4.1

3 6 2019 12x6.72

France (Grimaud)

From: $3,550

Catamaran Liquid

4 20 17x4,5

Dominican Republic (Casa de Campo)


Catamaran rental

A catamaran is one of the types of yachts. Unlike ordinary sailing and motor boats, which have one hull, the catamaran has two. This principle of building boats has been used for a very long time by the peoples of the Indian Ocean (this type of contraction is not less than 4 thousand years old). Due to its peculiarities, the catamaran has a number of advantages over an ordinary yacht, however, it should be noted that it also has disadvantages. So, if you are going to rent a catamaran, this material will be useful to you. Just like yachts, catamarans are cruise (with cabins, kitchens, bathrooms and other amenities) and sports (designed for maximum speed, maneuverability and other seaworthiness). Sports boats are used for sporting events, various regattas, etc. We will not consider them here. Therefore, when we say "catamaran rental", we mean cruise ships. These are comfortable large boats, which are specially designed for a long stay of a large group of people. In fact, a catamaran is a boat-hotel, a completely autonomous transport, which has everything you need for a comfortable life. Lagoon boats are examples of such vessels.

Why catamarans are better than yachts

The two-hull design has several advantages over monohull vessels:
  • Persistence. Due to the peculiarities of its design, the catamaran hardly heels (maximum by 5 ° with very strong rocking), even in strong waves. This is very good news for those who are seasick. If we compare the catamaran with other types of boats, then the effect of motion sickness on it is the weakest. The absence of sharp rolls reduces the likelihood of a person falling overboard to almost zero.
  • Space. With the same length, the area of ​​the catamaran is significantly (up to 50%) larger than that of the yacht. The deck here is very wide and large, the cabins are more spacious and spaced a great distance, and are on the same level. All rooms here are larger and more comfortable than on yachts, so everyone will have enough space.
  • Shallow draft. This feature gives an advantage when anchorages in shallow water. You will be able to swim as close to the shore as possible without running aground. This is especially true in some regions, such as the Maldives, where there are many small atolls, and the depth around them is minimal. Catamarans rental is very popular in these regions.
  • Safety. The probability that a modern catamaran will roll over is almost zero. Even having received a hole, the catamaran will stay on the water, it is very difficult to sink it.

Advantages of a yacht over a catamaran

Now let's look at the disadvantages of catamarans:
  • Uninteresting swimming. Yes, the catamaran is very durable and stable, but this makes it much less maneuverable, and if you want a dynamic sailing with sharp turns, then the catamaran will not suit you. He does not have sharp rolls and a sporty move. It is good for a quiet comfortable stay. Also, because of the high resistance, sailing is more difficult, so you have to turn on the motor.
  • High cost. A catamaran is at least twice as expensive than a yacht of the same length, so renting a catamaran will cost you significantly more. You will also have to pay more for berthing in marinas, because this vessel takes up more space. Add to this even increased fuel consumption, again due to its large size, and it turns out that a catamaran is much more expensive than a yacht.

So what should you choose?

Of course, there is no universal answer to this question, because the requests and wishes of different customers will be very different. The main thing is how well the vessel you choose is capable of meeting its goals. Here is a rough description of situations when this or that type is more suitable:
Yacht Catamaran
· • Sailing for thrill-seekers and romance lovers; · • Budget solution for a small company. · • Calm comfortable rest with children; · • The opportunity to go to sea for people suffering from seasickness.
What to choose in a given situation is up to you. If you want to rent a catamaran, contact our managers, they will help you choose the best option in terms of price-comfortable-spaciousness.
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