5 10 2019 24x6

Turkey (Marmaris)

From: $6,250


2 12 15x5

Turkey (Bodrum)

From: $900


14 28 2019 44x9

Turkey (Fethiye)

From: $20,500

Gulet OASIS 2

8 16

Turkey (Gocek)

From: $6,000


5 10 2013 24x7

Turkey (Marmaris)

From: $5,500


9 18 2015 37x8

Turkey (Fethiye)

From: $8,400


5 12 2016 39x8

Turkey (Gocek)

From: $21,000

Gulet 61 DENIZ

5 10 24x8

Turkey (Bodrum)

From: $1,400
A yacht, or catamaran, is a popular vessel that can be found almost everywhere. But if you want something original and exotic, a gulet rental is what you need. Gulet is a traditional wooden boat in the Mediterranean. They were used by fishermen and traders in the 18-19 centuries. In fact, the gulet was the main mode of transport before the advent of steamboats. But with the increase in the number of tourists, and the development of the field of sea cruises, gulet rent, especially in Turkey, has become a popular and demanded service. A modern gulet is similar to its historical ancestor rather externally, inside it is a modern yacht with all the usual attributes and amenities. There are cabins, bathrooms, kitchen and common areas. This is a large yacht with a lot of space. Its design does not imply fast and abrupt maneuvers. The gulet is designed for a quiet vacation at sea for a large group of people. The gulet has sails, but if its historical prototype was used to navigate the sea, they are almost never used on modern ships. Since the dimensions of this boat are very impressive, it is capable of accelerating only up to 10 knots, therefore, it will not go on a long route, but there will definitely be enough supplies on board for a week's tour. Turkey has best preserved the traditions of gulet construction. There are shipyards that are building new ships and popular resorts where gulet rentals are flourishing - Bodrum and Marmaris.

Gulet rental features

  • Good capacity and autonomy. As we have already noted, a gulet is a large boat, on average its length is 20-30 meters, so it can take on board a rather large group. There are spacious decks, seating areas, saloons, air conditioners, showers and toilets in the cabins. Gulet is a small mobile hotel. Yes, the gulet does not differ in speed, but it is very roomy. Its huge tanks for water and diesel allow it to be in autonomous sailing for weeks, so you can go to the marinas for refueling much less often. In addition, there is enough space in the cabins themselves, even for large luggage. If an ordinary yacht is designed on average for 10 people (4 cabins), then 20 passengers can comfortably accommodate on a gulet, and even with a crew.
  • Unlike a regular yacht, which is rented with or without a skipper, gulets are rented together with the whole crew. That is, in addition to the captain, who will operate the ship, you will have a cook and service personnel at your disposal, they will perform work on board during the cruise. That is, at least three people in addition to the captain will provide you with comfort and coziness on board. At the same time, the crew lives in a separate section specially designated for them on board.
  • And now, perhaps the most interesting advantage. If you book in advance at the right time, a gulet charter will cost you about the same as renting a regular small yacht for up to 10 people. But at the same time, you will receive a ship 2 times larger and with a crew on board! The same system operates here as when renting yachts - you take a boat on Saturday and hand over on Friday, that is, you order a weekly tour. If you take a gulet for a couple of days, then the cost per day will be much higher. This can be done only at the very beginning and end of the season, that is, in April or October, when boat rental prices in Turkey are minimal.

Gulet charter cost

So let's take a look at what is included in the total cost of renting a gulet.
Component Specification
Standard set This includes such things as the cost of renting a seat in the cabin, the cost of fuel, bed linen + towels, parking fees in marinas, crew services, cleaning on the ship.
Food This can be organized in different ways. As a rule, the charter company offers its own standard plan according to which they work ("all inclusive", three meals a day, etc.), or wishes for products are negotiated separately. Accordingly, meals are either included in the standard set or paid separately.
Bar menu + entertainment on the shore If the "all inclusive" scheme is not used, then the cost of visiting restaurants, entertainment on the shore, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks are paid separately, this is approximately + 30% to the cost of the tour
Seasonal discounts The total rental price also depends on the season. The high season here is June-August, while April, May, September and October are considered the low season. Price fluctuations for charter gulets can be as much as 50%.
If we talk about a standard small gulet with 7 cabins and 14 guests, it will cost you about 7000 euros per week, or 500 euros per person. This is the low season price. More passengers - less total price per one. In high season, the price can double. Need some advice concerning renting a gulet? Feel free to contact our experts and they will be happy to help you on this matter.
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