Motor yacht charter

Motor yacht HL33

9 18 33,53x9,23

Maldives (Male)


Motor yacht Samara 1

4 8 27,43x6,71

Maldives (Male)


Motor yacht Azimut 70

3 15 2008 21x4,5

Dominican Republic (Casa de Campo)

From: $3,000

Motor yacht NEW DAWN

4 8 20x5

Turkey (Bodrum)

From: $1,750

Motor yacht DOĞUKAN

3 6

Turkey (Gocek)

From: $1,400

Motor yacht Sea Rey

2 10

Dominican Republic (Casa de Campo)


Motor yacht Scorpio, Consuelo


Dominican Republic (Casa de Campo)

From: $1,200

Motor yacht SEÇİL

4 12 25x6


From: $1,400

Motor yacht charter

When you go on a sea cruise, you certainly want a big fast, comfortable, well-stocked yacht at the lowest price (who doesn't want to:). Truth to get everything and immediately will not work, it is simply impossible. But you can get an acceptable compromise, a balance between price, quality, comfort, speed, spaciousness, etc.

Therefore, in order to be able to rent a motor yacht in the best possible way, you must understand some basic rules for choosing. And here we will consider the main factors that influence the choice and what you need to consider when renting a motor yacht (no matter where).

Motor yacht parameters that determine the cost of its rental

Year of issueNaturally, the newer the vessel, the more expensive its rental will be. This is not new and applies to any transport. But as for the motor yacht, the following should be considered:

  • It is not recommended to take a completely new yacht, which has just come from the shipyard, because it has not been run-in, something may break there, or go not according to plan, it is better to rent a yacht that has already been taken this season.
  • The most expensive rental of motor yachts under the age of 1 year. The cost of a 3-year yacht will be +/- 15% lower, but at the same time its technical condition will be close to ideal, and you will not notice this difference. There is no point in overpaying.
  • Renting yachts between 5-10 years old carries certain risks of breakdowns, so it is not recommended to take them to inexperienced yachtsmen for their own management. It is recommended to use the services of a professional skipper. The cost of such a vessel will be noticeably (about 30%) lower than the cost of a new yacht.

Model and equipment

Here we will not consider the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model, but only highlight the following pattern: older models are less comfortable than those that were released less than 10 years ago.

Around 2010, there was an important change in the trend of designing small vessels (yachts and catamarans) - manufacturers began to pay more attention to comfort and expanding the space on the vessel. This does not apply to any particular manufacturer, it is a worldwide trend. So, with the same length, manufacturers sought to get more space in the cabins and cockpit, a second steering wheel appeared (even on small yachts).

So it is not worth comparing yachts of the same size from 2009 and 2012, they will differ significantly.Remember that yachts of the same model may have different equipment. At the same time, not all devices that are in one configuration or another will be useful for you, but they will definitely affect the total cost. Therefore, it is worth carefully studying the description for a particular boat.

Number of cabins and baths/bathrooms

In the description of any vessel there is a clear indication of the maximum number of passengers on board, as well as the number of cabins and bathrooms. In no case are more people allowed on board.

This is prohibited by safety regulations. Cabins, as a rule, are double, there are either double or bunk beds, there are also triple cabins. Also, the cost (and comfort) depends on the number of bathrooms - the more, the better. As a rule, one cabin has a separate bathroom, or the number of bathrooms is 1 less than the number of cabins. You also need to remember that if you hire a skipper, he must also be located somewhere. So you need to carefully study the plan of the vessel and its passenger capacity and take this into account when renting.

Boat type

When choosing a vessel, you are usually offered not only motor yachts, but also sailing vessels. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the main reasons that prompt you to choose one or another type of vessel:

  Motor yacht Sailing yacht
Pros ­ Fast and comfortable yacht;­ does not depend on weather conditions and seasonality. ­ Unique atmosphere of romance sailing;­ cheaper than a motor yacht.
Cons ­ More expensive than a sailing yacht of the same size;­ high fuel costs. ­ Strongly dependent on weather conditions;­ less space than a motor yacht of the same class.

Which of these is more important is for you to decide, there is no universal optimal solution for everyone.If you have any questions about how to choose a motor yacht for rent, please contact our managers, they will describe in detail the advantages and disadvantages of all available options and help you choose what is right for you.

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