Sailing yacht charter

Sailing yacht Jazz

4 8 14,6x4,75

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,500

Sailing yacht Sun Odyssey 490

3 8 2020 14,42x4,47

Cyprus (Limassol)

From: $3,200

Catamaran Bali Catspace

4 8 2020 12,33x6,59

Italy (Marina di Portisco)

From: $3,060

Sailing yacht Blues

5 10 2014 14,6x4,75

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,500

Sailing yacht Soul

4 2018 14x4,5

Croatia (Slano)

From: $2,400

Sailing boat Jeanneau Sun Loft 47

6 13 2020 14x4,5

Caribs (Le Marin (Martinique))

From: $4,250

Sailing yacht ARTEMISIA

3 8 2017 15x5

Turkey (Marmaris)

From: $3,900

Sailing yacht BURDA

4 10 12x4

Turkey (Marmaris)

From: $1,740
When you come to another country (no matter which one) to relax by the sea, you have several options for how to spend your time. Of course, you can lie on the beach all day and drink cocktails in the bar in the evenings, but you must admit that this kind of rest is very monotonous and gets boring pretty quickly. It is much more interesting to spend time actively, travel, and not only by land. You can visit the remote corners of the coast, discover the islands and relax in the cozy bay, or go diving on the high seas. All this is quite possible to do without leaving the hotel. Renting a sailing yacht is what you need. In addition to exciting geographical discoveries and active pastime at sea, you can have a party with your friends right on board, why not? Or, on the contrary, leave the noisy beach, crowded with tourists, and go to a desert island. Sailing yacht charter allows you to choose entertainment to your taste and combine business with pleasure.

Where to go on a sailing yacht?

Having your own transport (yacht) means that you can independently choose your route and visit the most interesting places for you, while the service of renting a sailing yacht usually implies the possibility of changing the route (this must be agreed with the skipper), that is, if you liked a certain place, you can stay there for a while. Any charter company will offer you a choice of standard tourist routes through cities, towns, uninhabited islands and other exotic places, but you can easily deviate from them and get on your own adventure. Key points to remember when renting sailing yachts:
  1. Weather conditions. It should be remembered that the seaworthiness of sailing yachts is highly dependent on weather conditions. In a storm and strong wind, sailing on such a ship is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous, so if you are planning your vacation abroad and want to use a yacht charter there, check if the season is suitable for sea cruises;
  2. Border control. The sea seems endless and deserted, but still there are borders, and they are controlled by border guards and the coast guard. When planning a route, do not forget that to stay on the territory of the country (and the territorial waters belong to the coastal state), you need to check the rules for crossing their borders, it is possible to get a visa, etc.
Before you rent a sailing yacht, it is better to get professional advice from a specialist who is well versed in this matter.

How to choose a sailing yacht?

When you choose a boat to rent, you usually have several different options, with a certain budget and number of passengers. All this affects the choice of a particular boat, inclining to one or another option. Therefore, in order to better navigate the choice, use the following table:  
Sailing yacht Motor yacht Catamaran
The cost The most budget option More expensive than sailing, high fuel costs More expensive than yachts due to their larger size
Dependence on weather conditions High, does not swim in bad weather Low, can swim even in strong changeable winds Low, can swim even in strong changeable winds
Comfort Basic level, usually a small boat More stable than a sailboat, and usually more Plenty of space, very stable vessel
Number of people 8-10 (average) 10-12 (average) More than 12 (on average)
  In any case, the choice of a boat for rent is always an individual story. Some prefer comfort, coziness and a lot of space, others like the romance of sailing, while others prefer to keep a minimum budget, etc. If you want to rent a sailing yacht in Europe, America, or Asia, and are not going to delve into all the details of the process, we recommend that you use the services of our specialists. They are well aware of all the features of this process in different countries, we have well-established relations with partners, and we are ready to help you choose the best route, taking into account your requirements and wishes. Yacht charter is our specialty.  
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