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Safety regulations on the yacht

Правила техники безопасности на яхте

Safety regulations on the yacht Safety regulations on the yacht. While on a yacht, you should follow certain safety regulations in order to make your stay on board not only comfortable, but also calm both for yourself and for other guests. Always follow the recommendations and commands of the captain. Unconditionally follow the instructions and advice of […]

Yachting in Jamaica

Яхтинг на Ямайке

Yachting in Jamaica Yachting in Jamaica. Jamaica, a lush tropical island located in the Caribbean, is a great place to relax in the summer. The capital of Jamaica, Kingston, is a bustling city that is known for its many Reggie nightclubs and the Bob Marley Museum. Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios are the most visited places […]

What to take on a trip on a yacht?

Что брать с собой в путешествие на яхте?

What to take on a trip on a yacht? Useful life hacking when planning a trip on a yacht. What to take on a trip on a yacht? After spending a few days on a yacht trip with a dozen crew members and a number of other passengers, it was easy to make a list of […]

Yacht Charter in Malta

Аренда яхт на острове Мальта

Yacht Charter in Malta Yacht Charter in Malta provides a chance to visit the center of the Mediterranean yachting. Malta is a region where people come to relax on the water. However, if you want to visit Malta and have chosen it as your weekend or vacation trip, you should take into account that: Malta is famous […]

Yacht charter in Portugal

Аренда яхты в Португалии

Yacht charter in Portugal Yacht charter in Portugal: a variety of leisure Portugal is a country located in the Atlantic part of Europe. Business card Porto – football, port, clean, comfortable beaches. Here, traditions and history of different states are closely intertwined, and Porto is also a special, distinctive, interesting city with its own traditions. Portugal consists […]

Yachting in the Azores

Яхтинг на Азорских островах

Yachting in the Azores Yachting in the Azores will be an unforgettable journey even for experienced yachtsmen. The Azores is a complex consisting of several islands located in the Atlantic Ocean (jurisdiction of Portugal). To Europe from here about 1,5 thousand kilometers. Do not wait from Azores developed tourist infrastructure. Here you will find stunning views, a unique […]

Private yacht in Seychelles

Частная яхта на Сейшельских островах

Private yacht in Seychelles A private yacht in the Seychelles has active swimming and provides an opportunity to explore all the local beauty: white crystal beaches; mysterious bays; quiet harbor; depth of watery depth; tropical islands. It is not by chance that the Seychelles is called the earthly paradise, whose islands are washed by clear, […]

Maldives Yacht Tour

Путешествие по Мальдивам на яхте

Maldives Yacht Tour Maldives Yacht Tour. A trip to the Maldives on a yacht is truly fascinating. The crystal clear waters of the Maldives, white beaches, shallow coasts serve as the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot. Moreover, the landscapes themselves and incredible views can become the subject of admiration in a photo or a picture. The […]

Negotiations on the yacht

переговоры на яхте

Negotiations on the yacht Negotiations on the yacht. Custom ideas always make a proper impression. A business tour on a yacht has a predominantly positive impact on the participants of the trip. The idea of ​​such negotiations will be appreciated by your business partner. The main purpose of any negotiations is to achieve a common opinion in solving […]

Corporate vacation on a yacht

Корпоративный отдых на яхте

Corporate vacation on a yacht Corporate vacation on a yacht. For a pleasant joint holiday, the whole team uses corporate yachting. This is one of the new forms of yacht travel, aimed at rallying the team together and forming an integral team. Such tours strengthen communication in the team, allow employees to get to know each other again […]