Cruise in the Antilles

Catamaran cruise in the Antilles – feel like a pirate in the mood! Christopher Columbus himself was the first of the Europeans to visit these picturesque places. He described the island of Martinique as a land of “incredible beauty” amidst the blue waves of the tropical sea. Life has been raging here since those time immemorial.
The island was immediately chosen by pirates. It is understandable, because merchant ships from America to Europe passed here, their holds were filled with all kinds of riches of the American continent. The looted treasures were hidden here, burying the chests in the ground, and drawing cunning cards, as in the famous novel by R.L. Stevenson.
Of course, those days are in the distant past, but you can well feel the atmosphere of the local bays and tropical beaches by renting a yacht or catamaran.

Tour of the islands:
Martinique – Saint Lucia – Bequia – Mero – Tabago Reefs – Palm Island – Union – Mustique – Saint Vincent.

You will visit islets, islands, atolls and coral reefs. The tour also includes a visit to the Roma Museum. Well, really, what is a pirate without rum?
“Yoho-ho, and …”, you know). We will sail along the route of a real pirate, a local legend, G. Morgan, visit the places known from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Yes, the films of this epic were filmed here on the islands of Saint Vincent and Saint Lucia. We will also visit the private island Mustique. It is not at all that media, but it is no less popular, especially among celebrities because of its privacy.

And, of course, we will dive under the water and see the real treasure of these places – coral reefs. At the Tobago reef, you can get a close look at both the corals themselves and the wrecks of pirate ships.

Tour price “Cruise in the Antilles”: 1890 euros per person

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation on a catamaran (10 days). There are separate cabins, kitchen, bathrooms, tables and sofas.
  • Three meals a day + cook services.
  • Skipper services.
  • Day 1 – hotel accommodation in Fort-de-France.
  • Transfer from / to airport – seaport.
  • Travel videography.
  • Departure on an inflatable boat with a motor.
  • Cleaning the catamaran after the tour.
  • Fuel for the entire route.
  • Bed linen + towels.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Comfort package.
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa.
  • T-shirts with a branded print.
+ we take the insurance deposit for the catamaran!

Additionally paid:

  • Flight by plane to Martinique – 590 € per person;
  • Visa for the islands;
  • Charges for parking in bays and ports;

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