Journey on a yacht in Madagascar

Journey on a yacht in Madagascar gives you the opportunity to leisurely enjoy your holiday – admire the landscape, contemplate the islands, explore the underwater world and its inhabitants. Occupying the fourth position in the world in size, Madagascar has incomparable flora and a specific fauna. Some species of plants and inhabitants are found only here.

Forming a separate state with the nearby islands, it is a terrific destination for many travelers. Dolphins are often found between the islands, as if they welcome tourists right at the ship’s side. From the northwestern side of the island, the shores are impressively indented, which makes them favorable for traveling.

Experienced yachtsmen should take into account that in this area Madagascar is only developing. It is not yet equipped with all the benefits of yachting – marinas, ports, a large selection of ships. In view of this, a sailing trip may not meet expectations in terms of comfort, but the impressions and views will give truly incredible.

This water area is an ideal place for lovers of oneness with nature, explorers of uncharted islands, adventurers,   enchanting emotions. You can combine your rest with an active activity – fishing, diving, snorkeling.

When planning a vacation in Madagascar, you need to consider that from November to March there are tropical rains, pretty spoiling the impression of the island. But from April to October, you can safely choose the date of navigation. For tourists and vacationers recommend to visit the island of Nosy Be. This resort area, endowed with a developed infrastructure for tourists.

There are luxury hotels, gourmet bars, golden beaches and fine dining restaurants. The island is engaged in the cultivation of ylang-ylang and coffee. There is a selection of yachts for diving and recreation. For lovers of pristine nature – the island of Nosy Komba. Its second name is “Island of Lemurs”. True wildlife and its inhabitants are preserved here.

There are only a few villages on the whole island, where black lemurs can also be found. For lovers of historical facts and memos, we present an interesting fact about Madagascar: the island is located Russian Bay. This is a unique place, surrounded by nature from the action of the winds.

It owes its name to the Russo-Japanese War, during which the second Pacific squadron was located at this place. Incredible beauty is the island of Nosy Iranya. In reality, these are two islands that are connected by a sand bar.

Here you can get stunning photos by combining white sand, tropical palm trees, azure water and sea creatures in one frame. Not uncommon on the island to meet a turtle or a large crab.

There is a marine reserve among the islands – Nosy Tanikeli, surrounded by a large reef. This place is ideal for snorkeling and diving, with visibility up to 20 meters in depth.

The underwater tourist opens up unprecedented paintings – thousands of fish in the reefs, octopus, flocks of turtles and a number of other local inhabitants of the depths. Get detailed advice.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this option is possible. In this case, you are not booking a boat, but only a separate cabin. If there is a sufficient minimum number of people, the tour will take place on the scheduled dates.

Yes, there are special safety recommendations for ships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After each tour, the vessel undergoes a special cleaning. On a yacht, you can minimize contact with other people, besides there is no one «superfluous» there, so no one gets infected during the cruise.

All boats rented by charter companies are insured, however you and all team members will need to take out travel medical insurance (for active sports).

You rent a yacht entirely for your group. You decide among yourself who will be in which cabin. As a rule, cabins do not differ much from each other in terms of space and comfort. If you are not booking a yacht, but a separate cabin, then you can choose from the options that are currently available.

Almost half of all people face this unpleasant phenomenon to one degree or another, but fortunately, there are several simple things that will help you in such a situation. Here they are: Seasickness on a yacht what to do?

The cost of tickets is not included in the tour price, you buy tickets yourself separately. But our experts are ready to help you in this matter. They will advise you on how, where and when it is best to do it.

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