Winter Indian Ocean Yachting

If you want to break away from working life for a couple of weeks and return to summer, to master new sea routes on a yacht, regardless of its type, or catamaran, then the winter yacht season is what you need.

In winter, there is nothing better than riding a yacht in the Seychelles or the Maldives. Tropical islands are scattered over huge archipelagoes, which guarantees relaxation during the holidays.

Maldives is famous for its resort affiliation. There are several atolls, surrounded by clean beaches, corals, sky-blue sea surface.

In this case, the Seychelles are simply created for yacht trips or the usual catamarans trips. This is due to the presence of excellent marinas, the proximity of the islands, a mild climate zone and the absence of ocean storm disturbances. And the overall picture is complemented by the paradise landscapes, which seem to be embodied from beautiful dreams into reality.

Managers of Sparks will select the best yacht and the best route for your individual tour. Contact us convenient for you and we will take into account all your wishes.