Yacht charter Alanya

Catamaran XENIA

3 8 2017 13x7

Turkey (Alanya)

From: $4,300


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Turkey (Alanya)

From: $1,000

Motor yacht EMRE


Turkey (Alanya)

From: $900


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Turkey (Alanya)

From: $800

Alanya yacht charter will help diversify your vacation

Many are accustomed to spending their entire vacation at the sea, either on the beach or in a bar and disco. We are not saying that this is bad or wrong, because everyone chooses an activity to their liking, we only offer you an interesting alternative to such a passive pastime - renting a yacht. Alanya is an amazing city on the southern coast of Turkey, a Mediterranean resort with a rich history, which has something to show the tourist and not only on land.

Using the service of yacht rental in Alanya, you can:

  • have a good time on board with relatives and friends, or make new acquaintances with other vacationers;
  • enjoy the clean sea air and pleasant breeze, a yacht cruise is an incomparable pleasure;
  • enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, visit uninhabited islands, visit remote corners, which are difficult to reach by land;
  • and most importantly - you will get a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions, and you will remember your experience of a sea cruise for a long time.
So let's take a closer look at the list of the main places in Alanya, where you can go using a yacht charter.

What to see in Alanya by renting a yacht

So, here is a rough list of those places in Alanya that are worth visiting in the first place:
  1. Fortress. The medieval building served as a defense for the city for many years. This monumental monument of fortification is definitely worth a visit, especially since the fortress has been well preserved to this day.
  2. Red Tower. It was built back in the 13th century to protect against Mediterranean pirates. Today it is a museum with exhibits from different eras. This is one of the most interesting sights in Turkey.
  3. Lighthouse. Not far from the city there is another interesting attraction - the lighthouse. It was built in the 19th century in France and then transported here. The light from the lighthouse can be seen as far as two hundred miles out to sea.
  4. Shipyard. The history of the Tersane shipyard dates back to the 13th century, and ships have been built and repaired here since those distant times. The shipyard continues to operate to this day. It is definitely worth seeing with your own eyes.
  5. Caves. Kilometers of natural caves with stalactites, stalagmites and underground lakes stretch under the city. Another interesting attraction of Alanya.

What affects the cost of yacht rental

There are several important factors that affect the value of a yacht, here they are:
A sailing yacht is the cheapest, a motor yacht is more expensive, and a catamaran is even more expensive, a luxury yacht is the most expensive, but a catamaran and a superyacht are much more comfortable.
Yachts 5-8 years old cost about 25% less than those 1-3 years old, but their condition is almost the same.
In the description of the yachts you will find a complete list of those devices and systems that are on board. Naturally, the more there are, the more expensive the rent will be, but not all of them are needed.
In Turkey, the high season is in the summer months and the low season is April, May, September and October. The rental price for the same vessel can vary by up to 50%. This is important to consider when planning your vacation.
If you want to rent a yacht in Turkey, please contact our specialists. They will help you choose the best option in terms of price-quality ratio. Also, make sure to find all our offers for renting a yacht in Turkey.
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