Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this option is possible. In this case, you are not booking a boat, but only a separate cabin. If there is a sufficient minimum number of people, the tour will take place on the scheduled dates.

Yes, there are special safety recommendations for ships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After each tour, the vessel undergoes a special cleaning. On a yacht, you can minimize contact with other people, besides there is no one «superfluous» there, so no one gets infected during the cruise.

All boats rented by charter companies are insured, however you and all team members will need to take out travel medical insurance (for active sports).

You rent a yacht entirely for your group. You decide among yourself who will be in which cabin. As a rule, cabins do not differ much from each other in terms of space and comfort. If you are not booking a yacht, but a separate cabin, then you can choose from the options that are currently available.

Almost half of all people face this unpleasant phenomenon to one degree or another, but fortunately, there are several simple things that will help you in such a situation. Here they are: Seasickness on a yacht what to do?

The cost of tickets is not included in the tour price, you buy tickets yourself separately. But our experts are ready to help you in this matter. They will advise you on how, where and when it is best to do it.

✅ What is included in the cost of renting a yacht?

The rental price includes the charter of the yacht and its standard equipment, as well as the first and last mooring in the home marina.

The price does not include: fuel, additional equipment and services, parking, meals, transfers, personal medical insurance, air tickets.

✅ How much will the fuel cost?

Fuel consumption depends a lot on the type of boat and your crossings. If you are renting a motor yacht, you need to specify in advance the type of engine and fuel consumption per hour, depending on the speed. If you rent a sailing yacht, then everything will depend on how often you will use the sails.

On average, a 40-50 feet per hour medium yacht uses about 5 liters of diesel fuel. From experience, the fuel budget for a weekly sailing yacht charter is usually around € 150. We remind you that the yacht is issued for charter with full tanks, and it must be returned also refueled.

✅ What is MYBA?

MYBA is the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association and a worldwide professional association founded in 1984 by a group of major brokers with the aim of promoting quality and ethical standards in the Mediterranean yacht industry and around the world.

Membership in MYBA is only available to brokerage companies with a proven track record of professional excellence in the yachting industry to offer valuable benefits and guarantees to clients looking to buy, sell, build or rent a yacht through the MYBA broker.

✅ Is yacht insurance included in the price?

All boats rented by charter companies are insured, however, you and all team members will need to take out travel medical insurance (for active sports).

✅ What are the payment terms for the charter?

A deposit of 50% of the total charter price is payable by bank transfer upon signing the Charter Agreement. This confirms your booking.

The remaining 50% plus APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance), taxes, shipping / return charges and any additionally agreed charges are payable by bank transfer one month prior to the start of the charter.

✅ Is it possible to negotiate the food and wine served on board the yacht?

A few weeks before arriving on board, we will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire on the preferences and special needs of all your charter guests: dietary or medical requirements, any allergies, and your sports or leisure preferences.

This will allow us and the yacht’s crew to make sure that everything possible has been done to make your charter unforgettable.

✅ Are children allowed on all yachts?

On most yachts, children are welcome and many are equipped for children.

However, some yachts may have a minimum age and / or a babysitter on board during the charter.

The crew cannot provide childcare.

If there are children on board, please inform your broker.

✅ Is smoking allowed on board the yacht?

Most yachts are non-smoking indoors. However, please check with us as policies may vary.

For safety reasons, smoking is prohibited in cabins and bathrooms on all yachts.

Some are allowed to smoke in designated outdoor areas.

✅ Do I need a skipper?

You should hire a professional skipper if you lack experience or do not have a yacht charter license.

✅ What type of yacht should you choose?

We offer sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, luxury yachts and gulets.

Sailing yachts offer the best sailing, sporty and romantic experience at the lowest prices.

Catamarans offer the greatest space, a lot of comfort and respectable sailing. They are also ideal for families with children or large groups.

Motor boats provide speed and power so you can visit more islands and cities and leave more time for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and relaxation.

Luxury yachts provide all the benefits of a 5-star hotel, but at the same time offer the opportunity to sail from one destination to another and in privacy.

Gulets are the best option for a large company.

✅ How much does a private charter flight cost?

The cost of the flight depends on your individual requirements. Basically, the cost of the flight depends on the aircraft you choose and the distance.
In order to find out approximately the cost of the flight, please fill out the form on the start page or contact one of our consultants.
Immediately after discussing the details of your trip, we will draw up a commercial offer and a price list, which will be sent to you by fax or e-mail.
The final cost includes the cost of all services (in rare cases, in winter the plane must be cleared of ice, according to safety measures, unfortunately, this is included in the total bill).

✅ How can I pay for the flight?

Payment is made either via bank transfer or by card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express). Please note that we deduct 5% of the flight cost when paying by credit card.
Payment is made in Euros, US dollars, UK pounds or Swiss francs.
All payments must be made prior to departure.

✅ When can I book my private flight?

You can book a flight in a few hours, provided that the place of departure and destination are not too exotic (in some countries it takes time to go through all the bureaucratic procedures).
We recommend booking your plane a few days before your flight. Then you will have a wider range of aircraft at your disposal. This will satisfy all your requirements at the most favorable price.
The earlier you book your flight, the better!

✅ How can I book a private flight?

After the exact date of departure has been determined, we will send you the contract to your e-mail or fax.
The contract contains detailed information regarding your flight (route map, meeting point, description of the aircraft, crew, etc.).
Your flight will be confirmed as soon as we receive your signed contract.

✅ Can I change the conditions of my booked flight?

You can change any of the points of the contract at any time, up to changing the route, when you are already in the air!
In case of major changes, additional costs are possible, which will be paid separately.

✅ What happens if I miss my flight?

You cannot be late, as this is your flight!
The crew and aircraft are waiting for you. However, we recommend that you contact a consultant or one of the crew members to inform them. Depending on the air traffic situation, it may be necessary to wait some more time before the plane can take off. Usually, such delays are easy to catch up during the flight.
If you are a few hours late, it can lead to additional costs.

✅ What planes are available?

You can choose the aircraft that best suits your requirements from over 100 models presented, ranging from helicopters and sports aircraft with one engine, heavy jets, and ending with airliners.

✅ Which airports can I choose for departure and landing?

As a company operating worldwide, we offer you flights from and to any licensed airport.
With more than 11,000 airports, you can be sure that we will take you exactly where you need it. However, be aware that not every airport can accommodate all types of aircraft.

✅ What are the procedures at the departure and arrival airports?

We will send you detailed information regarding your trip (route map, meeting point information, crew phone numbers, etc.).
You will be met at the appointed place. After that we will take care of everything.
After landing at the airport, you will be escorted to the terminal where you will receive your luggage.
At your request, we can arrange a limousine ride to the airport from which you will depart, as well as from the airport where you will arrive.

✅ Can I bring my pet with me?

Of course you can. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can find the right aircraft for you.

✅ What menu options are available?

Depends on the type of aircraft – you can choose meals prepared according to your order.