Авиапарк Sparks

Quick and comfortable overcoming distances has become a necessity for modern man. Freedom in the choice of transport allows you to choose effective solutions. For a minimum period of time, you can cover the distance by contacting for renting a plane. A private jet is a luxury that not every businessman can afford. An alternative solution is to use a charter flight.

The optimal flight path will be worked out by specialists of the company from which you hire a vehicle. You can make a request at a convenient time, renting a private plane is an affordable service. A charter flight can be tailored to your schedule, ensuring maximum comfort conditions. Thanks to established partnerships in different parts of the world, private jets can move freely around the necessary flight. To organize operational charter flights is not problematic now.

International company Sparks will help in the lease of aircraft by selecting an individual program of charter flights.


  • fast aircraft;
  • personal service;
  • all security conditions;
  • location according to your status.