Private jet for business and leisure

Fast and comfortable overcoming distances has become a necessity for modern man. Freedom to choose a transport allows you to choose effective solutions. For a minimum period of time, you can overcome the distance by applying for an airplane rental. Private jet is a luxury that not every businessman can afford. An alternative solution is to use a charter flight.

What do you get

Private jet charters save you time and comfort

The international company Sparks will help in the rental of aircraft, choosing an individual charter flight program.

Аренда самолета

Best comfort

see the benefits of a charter

Аренда чартера

Rent price

If you want to know how much the rental costs, then our manager will announce the current figure in a personal conversation, since the price is made up of several types of expenses. This service is not template and is formed taking into account individual requests and the coverage of all details. Factors that significantly affect the price include model, route length, number of passengers and urgency.

The price also includes the direct freight of the vessel, fuel consumption, fees on the route, escort of the flight and compulsory insurance of passengers. Additionally, the price can include payment for parking, service in VIP rooms, concierge services.

Yacht charter is a unique service

Complement your vacation at sea with a comfortable pastime on a yacht. By renting yachts and boats you can pleasantly surprise guests or take your vacation to a new level.

The essence of our work

One of the Sparks areas is the organization of business events, holidays, and multi-purpose trips. The work of our experts will be implemented in the best way. To make the holiday a 100% success, its organization should be entrusted to the international company Sparks and we will save you from the hassle and typical problems of the organization.

During the implementation of each event, it is proposed:

  • the embodiment of an exclusive style;
  • selection of a good place;
  • scrupulous approach to the concept of the event;
  • decoration with a focus on a single style;
  • preparation of handouts;
  • coordination on photo and video shooting;
  • collaboration with entertaining staff;
  • full control of the holiday, until its completion.

Thoughtful organization of events of any plan

Professional organization of the process is the main link to which all other components are attached. To get the desired result, you need to gradually think through the organization of the event.