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1700 yachts in different cities and countries. Both ten-meter yachts for walks and 70-meter cruise liners are available

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Complete turnkey organization of the tour, taking into account the specified duration and your wishes.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of yachts are available for rent (individual charter)?

There are three types of yachts available for charter: sailing monohulls, sailing catamarans, and motor yachts.

Traveling on a catamaran or monohull? What is the difference?

There are several fundamental differences between a monohull and a catamaran. The first is stability on the water. A catamaran is stable and easier to control, with a wide design that prevents rolling while sailing. Therefore, this option is perfect for beginners and those going on a yacht cruise for the first time. At the same time, extreme sports enthusiasts prefer a yacht that tilts more than 5°. It is dynamic, maneuverable, easier to control, and the rental price is usually lower than for a catamaran. Many who have vacationed on a yacht at least once will never exchange such an experience for any other. But the choice, of course, is yours. If you have a small youth company, choose any option. For families with children and those seeking maximum comfort, we recommend choosing a catamaran.

Do I need experience to go on a yacht with a hired captain?

No, if you hire a captain, you don’t need any experience. All you need are your suggestions on the route and organizational issues.

What do I need to charter a yacht on my own (without a hired captain)?

To charter a yacht, you will need a skipper’s license that allows you to sail this vessel in this region, for example: IYT, RYA, MYA, ISSA, or any skipper’s license valid in the country of visit. Attention: If you have just recently received your license, you should not tempt fate and take control of the boat on your own. Take a few trips with an experienced captain to gain some experience. The sea is not something to be trifled with.

What is included and not included in the price?

Usually, the base price includes only the rental of the boat itself. Additional fees include skipper (captain) services, final cleaning of the yacht, transit log, outboard motor, comfort packages (sets of bed linen and towels), cook and hostess services (optional), rental of watercraft (hobie cats, kayaks, masks, and snorkel fins), and a security deposit.

What is a security deposit for a yacht? Why is it needed?

The charter company needs to be sure that you will not damage the expensive yacht you have rented. If you do, you will reimburse the cost of repairs. For this purpose, a security deposit is charged from the crew, which is returned in full if the week has passed without any breakdowns. If you break any part of the yacht, equipment, or cause physical damage to the boat and are unable to fix it, the amount for repairs will be deducted from the deposit.

What is yacht acceptance?

Before setting sail, the skipper is obliged to make sure that the yacht is fully operational and ready to take on board the crew. Acceptance is a comprehensive inspection of the vessel, all the equipment, documents, and details worthy of attention. After the skipper is convinced of the yacht’s full compliance, he will sign the documents, and the crew will be taken on board.

Can I book a yacht for 7 people?

Yes, you can. We have a large selection of yachts, accommodating from 2 to 10 people on board. We will book the yacht, equip you with everything you need, and introduce you to your captain. And the selection of the crew is already on your shoulders. There is no minimum required number of people, only the maximum capacity of the yacht. You can add and change the names of the crew until the very last day. Payment for the entire yacht must be made according to the terms and conditions. After payment, you can divide the full cost among all participants.

What should I do if I get seasick? Will I get motion sickness and feel sick?

99% of people on the planet feel motion sickness on the 1st day, as soon as they step on board, because the vestibular apparatus of a healthy person must adapt to new conditions. During the whole week in the future you will feel comfortable and adapted to the waves, because we form routes where the water areas are predictable and the most calm. However, in case of client’s excitement, we always recommend to have with you motion sickness tablets (Dramine) just in case.
In addition to the tablets, our captains have a number of effective lifehacks that work perfectly every time, so put all your worries aside and get your things ready for the trip.

How does a day on a yacht usually go?

We have moved away from hotel vacations to fall asleep and wake up in new locations every day. We always have time to walk along the shore. Approximate plan: -09:00-11:00 – wake up, yoga, delicious breakfast in a coastal restaurant or on a yacht (we buy food in advance in supermarkets) -11:00-14:00 – sailing to the sea, swimming in picturesque bays, enjoying the sun and a beautiful tan -14:00-15:30 – lunch on the yacht with the freshest seafood -15:30-18:00 – arrival on a new island, exploring the cities, walks, excursions, and entertainment on the shore -18:00-21:00 – dinner in a restaurant or on a yacht. Let’s meet the sunset! -22:00-01:00 – time for parties on board with music or quiet stargazing with a glass of wine. What should I do if I get seasick and feel sick? 99% of people on the planet feel motion sickness on the 1st day after stepping on board, because the vestibular system of a healthy person has to adapt to new conditions. Throughout the week, you will feel comfortable and adapted to the waves because we create routes where the waters are predictable and calm. However, in case of client anxiety, we always recommend that you take anti-seasickness pills (dramamine) with you, just in case. In addition to the pills, our captains have several effective life hacks that work perfectly every time, so put aside all your worries and get ready for the trip.

I don't know how to swim. Can I go on the yacht?

Yes, of course, you can. Each yacht has safety vests for swimming, and the skipper will take you to and from the shore by boat whenever necessary.

Is there Wi-Fi on the yacht?

Almost all Sparks Life routes are not far from the shore, and the phone is confidently connected to the Internet almost all the time. Also, almost every side of the yacht is additionally equipped with a WiFi router. Please check with us in advance.

What are the amenities on the yacht?

Our tours always feature yachts no older than 5 years. Each yacht has 3 or 4 double cabins, a shower, and a toilet. A full kitchen. Additional refrigerator for sparkling wine. There is a place on board for sunbathing and parties at sunset, allowing you to fully enjoy the sails and the sea. And if you’re lucky enough to get to the destinations where Sparks Life organizes catamaran tours, you’ll feel what a real luxury vacation is.

How is the payment for the yacht made?

From the moment you have chosen the desired yacht for rent, we sign a contract and provide an invoice for 50% of the cost, which you pay within 3 days. The remaining 50% is paid a month before the planned trip. If at the time of your booking it is less than 1 month before the travel date, you must pay the full amount at once.

What happens in case of unforeseen circumstances?

Our contract details the conditions under which you can get a refund. If the circumstances are global (for example, COVID-19), we agree to reschedule the tour. If the new dates do not suit you/the tour cannot be rescheduled, a refund is made according to the offer. When you make a reservation with us, we book yachts and assume a number of financial obligations to yacht owners and other service providers to organize your vacation. We remind you that this does not apply to airfare, as each tourist independently determines the choice of fare (refundable or not). In case of unforeseen circumstances, please check with the airline for the possibility of a refund. A mandatory requirement for participation in Sparks Life events is an insurance policy with yachting coverage.

We are a group of friends. How many people do I need to book the whole yacht?

For groups of 2 to 10 people, we can provide a separate yacht. We will fully equip it for the Sparks Life flotilla and introduce you to your Captain.

Where can I read the Safety Rules in advance?

On our website in the section “Tips for Travelers.”

What time do I need to arrive at the yacht?

Most yacht tours last 7 days (start and end on Saturday). Check-in starts at 16:00, and you have to leave the yacht by 09:00. Everyone arrives from different cities and at different times, just stay in touch with the team and Cap in your WhatsApp chat, and they won’t leave without you.

What suitcase should I take on the yacht?

We do not recommend taking plastic suitcases on the yacht – they will get in the way of your cabin. It is better to take a soft sports bag. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, we’ll find a place to put it.

Will my Dyson hair dryer work on the yacht?

The hair dryer needs 220V, which is available on the yacht only when we get up for the night in an equipped marina. However, an iPhone or PowerBank can be charged at any time from the yacht’s USB outlets. However, modern, premium yachts are often equipped with generators and inverters, check the availability of this equipment before traveling if this issue is extremely important for you.