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Motor yacht Lux Ferretti 650

3 6 2018

France (Cannes)

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Active holidays in France - yacht charter

If you ask any person what Cannes is associated with, most likely the first thing that comes to mind is the famous film festival. Of course, this interesting city is able to offer tourists not only this. For example, there is a well-developed infrastructure for yachting, so boat trips are very popular. Renting a yacht in Cannes will allow you to:
  • have a good time with friends and family;
  • how to get to know this interesting and picturesque region;
  • to have a rest and for a while forget about the usual affairs and routine; enjoy the pleasant fresh sea air;
  • get an interesting experience of sea travel.
So let's take a look at what the southern coast of France has to offer and where to go first.

Planning a itinerary for a yacht trip from Cannes

Renting a yacht in Cannes will allow you to quickly reach the most interesting places in the region, here they are:
  • the Croisette embankment;
  • alley of stars;
  • old port;
  • Grand Jas;
  • Lerinsky Islands;
  • Lerins Abbey;
  • Saint-Marguerite;
  • Le Monastere Fortifie;
  • La Croix-des-Gardes.
Now let's figure out how to choose the right yacht for your trip.

Choosing the best yacht for rent in France

When you consider renting a yacht in Cannes, you choose first of all the type of vessel: sailing, or motor yacht, or catamaran. If you have never sailed on such boats before, it may be a little difficult for you to choose the best option. This table will help you navigate the choice a little better:
  Sailing yacht Motor yacht Catamaran
Pros • A budget solution and a wide range of vessels are the most popular and demanded yachts; • the romance of sailing trips cannot be compared with anything else. • Very fast boats - you can cover a long distance in a day; • you will be able to go to sea even in a small storm and in a headwind. • The catamaran is larger, more spacious and more comfortable than a yacht of the same length; • the catamaran is very stable and stable.
Cons • Such yachts are highly dependent on weather conditions; • sailing yachts are smaller and less comfortable than other types of boats. • Fuel costs will be an order of magnitude higher than sailing yachts; • the rental price will be much higher than that of a sailing yacht. • The cost of renting a catamaran will be significantly higher than that of a yacht; • the catamaran takes up a lot of space in the marina, so mooring can be a problem.
If you want to choose an individual tour for yourself and rent a yacht in Cannes, use the advice of our company managers. They are well aware of all the nuances of the process and will provide you with an individual offer as soon as possible.
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