Yacht charter Fethiye


4 10 2016 14x8

Turkey (Fethiye)

From: $3,900

Sailing yacht EPOCH

4+1 10 2015 15x5

Turkey (Fethiye)

From: $3,500


14 28 2019 44x9

Turkey (Fethiye)

From: $20,500

Sailing yacht OCTOBRE ROUGE

4+1 8+2 13x4

Turkey (Fethiye)

From: $1,900


9 18 2015 37x8

Turkey (Fethiye)

From: $8,400

Sailing yacht LORNIA

4 8 2020 13x5

Turkey (Fethiye)

From: $3,300

Sailing yacht FRIDAY

3+1 8 2017 10x4

Turkey (Fethiye)

From: $1,400


8 18 2005 30x7

Turkey (Fethiye)

From: $6,800

Active holidays in Turkey - yacht charter Fethiye

Fethiye is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey, which is famous among foreigners for its beaches and nightlife. But here you can find other entertainments, for example, for outdoor activities. One of them is boat trips and yacht rental. Fethiye and the entire region are very rich in various historical and cultural monuments, and there is also very beautiful nature here, so the traveler has where to go on a yacht. But yacht charter in Fethiye is not only an opportunity to visit a bunch of different interesting places, it is also:

  • the opportunity to be alone with friends and family, away from the noisy crowded beaches;
  • the opportunity to get new emotions and impressions from a sailing trip, if you have never sailed on a yacht before - be sure to try at least one day;
  • the ability to break away from the usual things and "reset yourself", such small trips contribute very well to this.

Now let's see what Fethiye offers to tourists.

We draw up a route for traveling on a yacht from Fethiye

So, here is an approximate list of those attractions that are worth visiting in the first place:

  • Roman amphitheater;
  • blue Lagoon;
  • ruins of the Crusader fortress;
  • ruins of the city of Kayakoy;
  • Saklykent gorge;
  • the Lycian city of Pynara;
  • tomb of Amyntas;
  • Xanthus;
  • beaches of Calis and Patara;
  • Gemiler island.

And now all that remains is to find a ship.

Choosing a yacht for rent

When it comes to yacht charter, tourists tend to choose from four main types of boats that are found almost everywhere: sailing yachts, motor boats, catamarans and superyachts. Let's consider what advantages and disadvantages await you when choosing each of them:

  Pros Cons
Sailing yacht
  • This is the most widespread type of yachts, they are everywhere, there are the most of them and you will easily find the optimal boat for yourself;
  • Sailing yachts - the most budgetary option of all possible.
  • Since this boat relies on sail on the way, and a small engine is not able to accelerate it to high speed, the sailing vessel is highly dependent on the weather;
  • The level of comfort here is usually lower than on other types of vessels.
Motor yacht
  • Such a yacht is capable of speeds of 30 knots or more, which is at least 3 times faster than sailing;
  • The motor boat will take you to your destination even in bad weather conditions.
  • Fuel costs are noticeably higher here than for a sailing yacht;
  • The total cost of renting a motor boat will be higher than that of a sailing boat
  • With the same length, the catamaran is 30-50% larger than the yacht, and more space means more comfort;
  • The catamaran hardly rocks on the waves, which is good for those who are seasick.
  • The cost of renting a catamaran is at least 2 times higher than the cost of a sailing yacht;
  • Unlike a yacht, a catamaran is not so maneuverable and not so interesting to control.
  • The maximum level of comfort is a superyacht;
  • Superyachts - fast and large vessels.
  • The cost of renting a superyacht is higher than that of all others;
  • Due to its size, it can be difficult to moor or swim in tight spaces.

So, if you are interested in this type of outdoor activity, and you want to rent a yacht in Fethiye, we advise you to contact our specialists who are well versed in all the features of this issue and will be happy to help you find the best offer. Click here to get a short or long term yacht rental in another part of Turkey.

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