Yacht charter Gocek

Motor yacht DOĞUKAN

3 6

Turkey (Gocek)

From: $1,400

Motor yacht VERNUS

3 6 22x6

Turkey (Gocek)

From: $1,300

Gulet OASIS 2

8 16

Turkey (Gocek)

From: $6,000


5 12 2016 39x8

Turkey (Gocek)

From: $21,000

Motor yacht WHITE BLUE

3 6 2016 19x5

Turkey (Gocek)

From: $1,000


5 10 25x7

Turkey (Gocek)

From: $12,600


4 8 2011 25x6

Turkey (Gocek)

From: $1,800

What does yacht charter in Gocek give?

Sometimes you just want not to think about anything, and bask on the beach in the warm sun, but such a passive rest very quickly gets boring, because nothing new and interesting is happening. But you have interesting alternatives such as yacht charter. Gocek is a real tourist pearl of Turkey located in the Fethiye region. Here the Mediterranean meets the Aegean, there are many ancient monuments and beautiful natural sites, and renting a yacht in Gocek will allow you to see all this with your own eyes, and also, you:
  • you will be able to spend several days pleasantly among friends and relatives;
  • enjoy the pleasant sea air and beauty of the southwest coast of Turkey;
  • visit interesting places that cannot be reached by land;
  • collect pleasant impressions and memories on your sea cruise.
Renting a yacht will greatly diversify your usual vacation and open up new horizons for you.

What to see in Gocek by renting a yacht?

Now, let's see what Gocek offers the tourist.
  1. Gemiler Island. The island is completely covered with the ruins of the Lycian civilization, in addition, mosaics of Byzantine churches have been preserved here. It is also known as the island of St. Nicholas and is one of the cradles of Christianity.
  2. Letoon. It is close to Fethiye and is the most important religious center in the region. Letoon is dedicated to the national deities of Lycia: Leto, Apollo and Artemis. In addition, the remains of early Christian churches have been found here.
  3. Tlos is another religious center of the region, not far from Antalya. It was here, according to legend, that Bellerophon and the flying horse Pegasus lived. The history of this place goes back to the second millennium BC.
  4. Kayak. This small village consists of several Greek style houses and churches located on the side of a mountain. The kayakoy was built in the 1700s and serves as a stopover for tourists. Previously, Greeks lived here, but after the signing of an agreement on the exchange of population, almost all of them left it and the Turks settled here.
  5. The ancient theater of Telmessos. Telmessos was once the largest city in Lycia. Now almost nothing is left of it, but the remains of the majestic 5000-seat theater can still be found within the city limits.

Yacht charter - choose the type of vessel

If we are talking about choosing a boat for rent, then here you have 4 basic options: sailing yacht, motor yacht, catamaran, luxury superyacht. And here are the main advantages of each of them, which most often determine the outcome of a choice:

Sailing yacht

  • the most budgetary solution;
  • romance of sailing;

Motor yacht

  • very fast boat;
  • almost does not depend on weather conditions;


  • large area, more space on board;
  • does not swing on waves;
  • you can swim in shallow water;

Luxury superyacht

  • luxury class comfort, as in a five-star hotel;
  • plenty of space on board.
In any case, when a tourist is going to rent a yacht in Gocek, he has his own unique set of requirements and wishes, from the type of vessel and its appearance, to additional services and a set of drinks on board. So, if you do not want to waste your time and efforts on searching and enumerating options, contact our specialists who will help you choose the best option, taking into account all your requirements.
If you would like to know more about our yacht charter services in Turkey, please navigate to this page.
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