Yacht charter Hulhumale

Rent a cabin on the yacht Dream 60

6 14 2011 18x8

Maldives (Hulhumale)

From: $780

Catamaran Lagoon 620

6 12 2019 19x10

Maldives (Hulhumale)

From: $26,900

Catamaran Leopard 38

4 2015 11,5x6

Maldives (Hulhumale)

From: $3,500

Yacht charter - spend your vacation interesting and exciting

Can you spend your entire vacation on the beach sunbathing, swimming and not thinking about anything? Can! But sooner or later you will get bored with such a lazy option, you will want some kind of movement, new impressions, new experience. We recommend you an interesting pastime - a sea cruise. What do you need for this? Yacht rental. Hulhumale is a small man-made island near Male. There is a fairly large marina with a good selection of boats. Hulhumale can be your starting point for exploring the Maldives. Renting a yacht on Hulhumale will allow you not only to enjoy the beauty of the Maldives, but also to have a pleasant time away from the noise of the resort town, away from routine and usual problems. A sea cruise is an opportunity to pull yourself out of your familiar environment and "reboot", in addition, you will simply get a sea of ​​emotions and impressions from this adventure. You can't think of a better vacation option.

Hulhumale yacht charter - what to see

Renting a yacht and speedboat on the island of Hulhumale will allow you to visit those places that are inaccessible to tourists on land. We recommend visiting:
  • Male is the capital of the state. Most tourists come here. Yes, the city is quite small (2.5 x 1 km), but most of the country's architectural and cultural monuments are concentrated here, including: the Great Friday Mosque with an Islamic center, and the graves of the heroes of the Maldives and their rulers, the Presidential Palace, the National Museum Maldives, etc.
  • Maradu Island. Almost all the islands in the Maldives look like pictures from tourist postcards: palm trees, white sand beach, sea ... All this is on the island of Maradu, but in addition, here you will find abandoned British naval bases and what was once an English prison. Here you will see the remains of the colonial past of the islands.
  • Tilafushi Island. Unlike the rest of the islands, Tilafushi is of artificial origin. It is notable for the fact that it was built on a foundation made of urban waste. This is a unique place and definitely worth a visit.
  • Hulul Island. The most interesting thing on the island is the airport, which occupies almost all of its area. In addition, the island has good infrastructure, hotels, restaurants, etc., so many do not even travel outside of it, preferring to stay here.
  • Many unnamed atolls. There are so many small islands with untouched nature here that you cannot count them. On your cruise, you will be able to stop at any of them without any problems.

Hulhumale yacht charter price

Yes, yacht charter is not cheap, but with the right planning and the right choice, you can get a very reasonable budget solution. Several factors affect the total cost, and it is their combination that determines the final figure. The following table provides some tips on how you can save money while still getting the cruise experience you want.
Choosing a yacht for rent When you choose a boat for rent, you can choose a sailing or motor yacht, a catamaran or a luxury yacht. Motor boats are faster and can travel long distances, but the cost of fuel and rental in general will be significantly higher, and if your goal is to get pleasant emotions from your vacation without spending a lot of money, it is better to choose a sailing boat. As for the age of the vessel, the best option would be a boat aged 3-5 years. She is about 20% cheaper than a new one, while almost no different in terms of comfort and equipment from the latter, and at the same time much better than an old ship of 10 or more years.
Seasonality Every resort in every country in the world has a seasonality, high and low seasons. In the Maldives, the high season is December-April. At this time, there is a minimum of precipitation and many sunny days. The difference in the cost of renting a similar yacht on a similar route in high and low seasons can be up to 30%. So if you're not afraid of getting caught in the rain, you can take a moment to book a tour during the low season.

In order to get only pleasant impressions from your cruise, you will have to spend some time searching and selecting the appropriate option, but if you don't want to do this, but simply want to quickly rent a yacht in the Maldives, you can use the services of professional managers who will help to you with organizational questions.

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