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Yacht charter in Istanbul - an interesting active vacation

If you come on vacation to Istanbul, then you are not interested in a lazy beach vacation, as in Antalya or Marmaris, you want to get to know this amazing country better. Well, great! There is really something to see in this huge city, and not only on land. We recommend that you set aside a few days for a short sea trip. All you need is a yacht charter. Istanbul can offer you not only interesting excursions around the city center, you can also find many interesting things in the vicinity, for example, the Princes' Islands. It's definitely worth going here. Yacht charter in Istanbul will allow:

  • visit picturesque remote corners where it is difficult or impossible to reach by land;
  • retire on a ship with friends and family and relax on the lulling waves in the open sea;
  • diversify your vacation and get new interesting emotions and impressions.

Now let's see where you can go from Istanbul using a yacht charter.

Choosing a route for traveling on a yacht in the Istanbul area

Taking advantage of yacht rental, you can visit several interesting places in the vicinity of Istanbul, here they are:

  • the town of Agva;
  • Šile bay;
  • Anadol lighthouse;
  • Kadyr;
  • Quillos;
  • the village of Kyiykoy;
  • Eminahalle;
  • Avsha island;
  • Ineada.

When choosing a boat, you need to choose the right type. Next, let's see how to do it right.

Choosing a yacht for rent - the pros and cons of different types of ships

To choose the right boat for charter, you must understand the basic advantages and disadvantages of all types of boats. This table will help you navigate faster:

  Advantage Disadvantages
Sailing yacht ­ The most affordable solution;

­ A good selection of boats - there are most of these boats.

­ Little space on board;

­ Overall comfort is lower than other types of boats.

Motor yacht ­ Very high swimming speed;

­ Almost independent of the weather.

­ High fuel costs;

­ More expensive than a sailing yacht of the same size.

Catamaran ­ Plenty of space on board;

­ Almost does not swing even on strong waves.

­ More expensive than most other yachts;

­ Takes up a lot of space in the marina, poorly maneuverable.

Luxury yacht ­ Maximum comfort level;

­ Fast and large ship.

­ Most expensive solution;

­ Takes up a lot of space in the marina, it is not possible to moor everywhere.

To rent a yacht in Istanbul and not regret your choice, we advise you to take advantage of the advice of experts in this matter. Our managers will be happy to help you choose the right vessel that meets all your requirements. Looking to find yachts for rent in Turkey? Get the best deals on Sparks Life Worldwide.

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