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Yacht charter in Izmir - an interesting active vacation

Many people are accustomed to believe that a seaside vacation is a daily fulfillment of the "hotel-beach-hotel" plan. But such monotony can quickly get boring, even for notorious lovers of passive recreation, especially if there are available alternatives. And one of them is yacht rental. Izmir (the former Greek city of Smyrna) is famous not only for its beaches and all-inclusive hotels, this city on the shores of the Aegean has a very rich history, it has something to show and how to interest foreign guests. It is the best fit for outdoor activities and travel, including by sea. Yacht charter in Izmir will allow you to:

  • visit interesting and remote places, including those that cannot be reached by land;
  • relax in the circle of relatives and friends, distracted from the usual routine;
  • enjoy the pleasant freshness of the sea and relax away from crowded resorts;
  • get a new and interesting experience of sea voyages on a yacht (if, of course, this is your first cruise).

So you will need to choose the route you like.

Choosing a route for a yacht trip in the Izmir region

So what can you visit when you charter a yacht in Turkey? Here is a rough list of places to go from Izmir:

  • Kordon embankment;
  • Greek polis Pergamon;
  • the Greek city of Ephesus;
  • Greek policy Aygai;
  • Temple of Beth Israel;
  • Konak pier;
  • Asanser tower;
  • Izmir clock tower;
  • Shadyrvan Mosque;
  • Kadifekale fortress.

Now let's consider which vessel is better to choose for a trip.

Yacht charter - motor vs sailing

Yacht charter is quite a popular service in Izmir. In the overwhelming majority of cases, you will choose a boat of one of the two most common types: sailing or motor. Gulet, typical for Turkey, can be classified as sailing boats in terms of design and sailing character. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of both types of ships:

  Motor yacht Sailing yacht
Advantages ­ fast and maneuverable, at least 3 times faster than sailing;

­ does not depend on the weather, floats even with a strong headwind.

­ the most budgetary solution, much cheaper than motor;

­ There are more yachts of this type, so it will be easier for you to choose the best option for yourself.

Disadvantages ­ high fuel costs, much higher than sailing;

­ total rental costs are higher than that of a sailing boat.

­ significantly inferior in speed, so large transitions are not available;

­ highly dependent on weather conditions.

For those who want to rent a yacht in Izmir and not waste their time searching and analyzing information, we recommend using the services of consultants from our company, they are ready to help you quickly find a suitable option that will satisfy all your requirements and wishes.

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