Yacht charter Marina di Portisco

Catamaran Bali Catspace

4 8 2020 12,33x6,59

Italy (Marina di Portisco)

From: $3,060

Sailing yacht Dufour 350

3 7 2017 10,28x3,54

Italy (Marina di Portisco)

From: $1,080

Yacht Charter in Marine-di-Portisco - choose an active vacation

A seaside vacation in Italy is not only an opportunity to lazily lie on the beach, sunbathe and swim. This country is a real pearl for tourists, there are absolutely any sights for every taste: natural, historical, cultural, culinary, entertainment, etc. And you can also travel around the region, and renting a yacht in Marina di Portisco is best suited for this. Renting a yacht is also an opportunity to spend time interestingly, breathe in the fresh sea air, get new impressions from a sea cruise, and escape from the bustle of a crowded resort and relax with friends.

What you can see by taking a yacht in Marina-di-Portisco

Renting a yacht in Marina di Portisco opens up several interesting routes for you:
  1. Islands of La Maddalena. An archipelago of seven large islands included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is a unique natural place where you will find endless beaches and cozy coves with untouched Mediterranean nature. You can only get here by water, and the best transport for this is a yacht.
  2. Keys. If you like relaxing holidays on a deserted beach, this is what you need. The six kilometers of Kii have made this town popular far beyond the region. And there is also Nora rich in archaeological monuments - a Puni town.
  3. Grottoes of Neptune. In Sardinia, there are huge endless caves, where the locals worshiped the god of the sea - Neptune. They are located in the town of Alghero. Renting a yacht in Marina di Portisco is the best way to get here.
  4. Carloforte. Another must-see in Sardinia is Carloforte, a small town with many beaches, lovely, cozy streets and unique local flavor.
  5. Castelsardo. This small town can be safely called one of the most beautiful in Italy on the shores of the Gulf of Asinara. Castelsardo is definitely worth a visit, if only for a few hours.
So all you have to do is choose the right boat. Those who want to rent a yacht in Marina di Portisco can choose from about 50 boats that are in this marina.

Factors that affect the price of renting a yacht or boat in Marina di Portisco

As for the choice of a vessel for rent, its cost is determined by a number of factors, here they are:
Factor Description
Ship type There are two main types of boats that can be rented : yacht and catamaran. Catamarans are larger, more comfortable and significantly more expensive than yachts of the same length. As for yachts, they can be divided into sailing, motor and luxury yachts. Sailing boats - the most simple is, and low cost, motor yachts are faster, they consume more fuel and are too expensive, and of yachts Suite similar to expensive hotels, and are respectively the same.
Year of issue Ships aged 1-3 years are considered new. Naturally, they are the most expensive. Yachts aged 3-5 years are almost no different from new ones, but at the same time they are about 20-30% cheaper. Ships between the ages of 5 and 10 are usually still 20-30% cheaper, and at the same time they are less comfortable, there are fewer modern systems on board that are designed to provide you with comfort.
Season As with any region, Italy has high and low seasons. High season is the summer months, May and September. During this time it is warm and dry, and in the rest of the months it is cool and rainy. Therefore, the cost of renting yachts will differ significantly - up to 50% for the same boats.
Add. Services Almost always, when renting a yacht, you will be offered additional activities, such as diving, fishing, snorkeling , etc. Equipment rental will cost you a certain amount, which will be shown in the total cost.
If you want to spend your vacation pleasant and fun, but do not want to delve into the peculiarities of yacht charter in Sardinia, contact our managers, they will select exactly the option that meets all your requirements.  
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