Yacht charter Marina di Portorosa

Sailing yacht Oceanis 48

5 10 2017 14,6x4,74

Italy (Marina di Portorosa)

From: $2,967

Catamaran Saba 50

4 8 2018 14,98x8

Italy (Marina di Portorosa)

On request

Sailing yacht Sun Odyssey 519

6 13 2017 15,75x4,69

Italy (Marina di Portorosa)

From: $2,925

Renting a yacht in Marina di Portorosa is a great way to actively spend your holidays in Italy

Many people are accustomed to having a rest at sea, spending hours and days in a passive mode: "hotel-beach-bar-hotel", or something similar. But what if you try a more active vacation, which is also able to bring you new interesting emotions and impressions?

Italy is a very rich country in attractions, which will be interesting for tourists to discover, and yacht charter will help you with this. Marina di Portosa is a great starting point for such a cruise.

Where can you go by taking a yacht in Marina di Portorosa

So let's take a look at where you can go by yacht, our starting point is Portoros Marina.

  • Palermo. It is the largest city on the island, its administrative center, a city of contrasts. It has everything you want: beautiful views, interesting architecture, art centers, good restaurants, etc. The city is over 2,500 years old, so it has something to show the tourist.
  • Favignana Island, or "butterfly island" (if you look at neno on the map, it resembles a butterfly in its outlines). This is downright paradise in Sicily. Here you will find beautiful beaches, almost without tourists, and you can only get here by sea. If you want to see the whole island in a day, you can rent a bike.
  • City of Agrigento. Interest for a tourist is not the city itself, as one might think, but its surroundings. Tourists are attracted by the ancient ruins in the so-called Valley of the Temples, five kilometers from the city.
  • Ragusa. The best that a tourist can find here is views of the old city for photographs. The atmosphere of Ragusa is typically Mediterranean, a small town with a huge history. Although 300 years ago the city was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake, the locals managed to restore it, although now it is made in the same style, in the style of the Sicilian Baroque. Ragusa is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Volcano Etna and Catania. The second largest and most important city of the island is interesting for tourists, rather due to the proximity of the world famous volcano, Etna. Etna is the largest volcano in Europe, which erupts periodically (almost every year). When the volcano was active in 2018, thousands of tourists came to Sicily to specifically look at it.

So, as you can see, yacht charter in Sicily will allow you to discover this amazing region.

Price for renting a yacht or boat in Marina di Portorosa

One of the most important criteria when choosing a vessel is the price, because let's face it, yacht rental is not a cheap pleasure. However, with the right, balanced approach, you can keep within reasonable money. Several factors affect the total cost of the vessel, the combination of which gives the final figure, here they are:

  Short description
Yacht type As a rule, in most marinas you can choose one of the following types of vessel: sailing yacht, motor yacht, catamaran, luxury superyacht. The most affordable solution is a sailing ship. There are most of such boats, and you will easily find the option for yourself. Motor boats will cost you a little more, but at the same time they are much faster, not so much dependent on the weather, and you can cover long distances, catamarans are even more expensive, but they are large and roomy, and also very stable and with a small draft, so that you can swim into quiet shallow lagoons. Luxury superyachts are like 5-star hotels: maximum comfort, large size, good speed, but you have to pay for it all.


Yacht year The cost of renting a yacht strongly depends on its age. The most expensive is to rent a new (up to 3 years) vessel. A boat under 5 years old will cost about 20% cheaper, and up to 10 years old - another 20% cheaper, but the older the yacht, the worse it is equipped and less comfortable.
Equipment In the description of any vessel, you will find a complete list of what is on board, including navigation systems, security systems, kitchen tools, etc. Naturally, all this affects the price.
Cruise season Any resort has high and low seasons. For Marina di Portoros, the high season is May-September, the rest of the months are low. The difference in the cost of a similar tour on a similar vessel in high and low seasons can even reach 50%

Do you want to rent a yacht in Marina di Portorosa quickly and inexpensively? Our experts will help you choose a vessel and route, taking into account all your requirements.

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