Yacht charter Porto Montenegro

Sailing yacht Jazz

4 8 14,6x4,75

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,500

Sailing catamaran Mawimbi

2017 11,75x6,63

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,900

Sailing yacht Blues

5 10 2014 14,6x4,75

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,500
From: $2,200

Sailing yacht Twist

4 8 2015 14x4,5

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,000

Flamenco sailing yacht

4 8 2018 14x4,5

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,200

Sailing yacht Rumba

3 8 2014

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,000

Sailing yacht Veda

3 8 2017 12x4,2

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $1,900

Yacht and boat rental in Porto Montenegro - active holidays at the sea

Montenegro is much more than just relaxing on the beach in summer, although it is not a big, but very rich in sights country, which will be interesting to discover. One of the best ways to do this is by sailing, and for that you will need a yacht charter. Porto Montenegro is a great place to start your journey. This marina is located in Tivat, very close to the international airport, where most flights arrive. It has everything you need, including excellent yachting infrastructure. Renting a yacht will allow you not only to discover Montenegro, but also to spend a great time with friends and family, take a break from the hustle and bustle of touristy resorts and break away from the usual routine. If you have never been on a yacht cruise - be sure to try it, you will get an unforgettable experience.

Yacht charter in Marina Porto Montenegro - where to go?

Renting a yacht in Porto Montenegro offers you excellent opportunities to explore the region. Here are some tips on what to visit in the region:
  • Kindness. Although it is a very small town, there is something to see here. Previously, it was a suburb of Kotor, but now the town has received the status of a separate settlement. There are well-preserved buildings from the times of the ancient Romans and Greeks, and you can also find several old Orthodox churches. There is also a beach in Dobrota, so if you get bored of walking the streets, you can swim and sunbathe here.
  • Lyuta. Few people pay attention to this small village at the foot of Mount Lovcen, but in vain! There is an interesting feature here - all the buildings in the village are made of the same material, white stone, and from this it looks like an integral architectural ensemble. Here, literally all there is is an architectural monument. Also in Luta there are beaches, and conditions for active recreation, including extreme.
  • Perast. This city has an interesting history connected with the medieval Venetian Republic - prominent captains of that time lived here, so there are as many as seventeen in a small settlement for 100 people! palaces and sixteen churches. From here, incredible views of the Bay of Kotor open up.
  • Kotor. And of course, we couldn't ignore the largest city in southern Montenegro. Kotor is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is full of architectural monuments that literally stand on top of each other, there are many interesting things, and there is something to see even for the whole day. And also, Kotor is a city of cats. It is definitely worth coming here.

Choosing a boat for rent

When you choose a boat to rent, you have several different types of boats. Each has its own advantages and strengths. Here are the main ones:
Type of yacht Optimal choice
Sailing yacht ­ If you love the romance of a sailing trip; ­ you are looking for a budget solution.
Motor yacht ­ You want to go a long route in a short time; ­ Want something more comfortable than a sailing yacht.
Catamaran ­ It is important for you that there is enough space on the boat for all passengers; ­ Passengers do not tolerate seasickness (the catamaran hardly sways on the waves).
The price of renting a yacht or boat in Porto Montenegro depends on a number of factors: the type of vessel, its size, year of manufacture, equipment, duration of the tour, additional services on board, season (high / low), etc. Early booking will be optimal in terms of price in the low season, yachts of middle age and medium size (quite comfortable) for 5-7 days. The best way to quickly and guaranteed to rent a yacht in Montenegro is to use the services of our managers. They are well aware of all the features of this process and will help you choose exactly what you need.
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