Yacht rental Caribbean

Sailing boat Jeanneau Sun Loft 47

6 13 2020 14x4,5

Caribs (Le Marin (Martinique))

From: $4,250

Catamaran Lagoon 52 Fly (2020)

6 14 2020 16x8

Caribs (Antigua)

From: $7,290

Rent a cabin on the yacht Ipanema 58

6 12 2019 18x9

Caribs (Le Marin (Martinique))

From: $985

Power catamaran Lagoon Seventy 8

4 8

Caribs (Le Marin (Martinique))

From: $41,500
In winter, the Mediterranean Sea is rather cold for sea travel, so the Caribbean islands become a popular destination among yachting enthusiasts at this time. Between November and March it is warm and dry, besides the local places are very beautiful, and the local culture and cuisine are quite interesting and original, so yacht charter in the Caribbean is very popular in winter. You can rent a yacht in the Caribbean for a day, 3-4 days, a week, or even a couple of hours. In any case, you will enjoy a boat trip, but in order to truly enjoy the romance of a sea voyage and see as many interesting places as possible, you must, of course, rent a yacht for at least a week. Another good news for those who are interested in yacht charter in the Caribbean - in almost all island states, tourists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus do not need visas, that is, you can freely move around the region by boat.

The Caribbean is the best place to rent a yacht

This region can be considered an ideal destination for yachting, but still, like other regions, there is a seasonality here. So, the optimal time here is from November to March. By this time, a dry season is established here, and the average air temperature is at the level of 27 ° С, the water temperature in the sea is up to 22 ° С. When you charter a yacht in the Caribbean, there are some local considerations to consider. So, for example, this region is characterized by very high humidity, here part of the rain clouds are formed, which bring with them a downpour, and a gust of wind (albeit for a short time). In addition, the transitions between the two islands can be very long, and the night comes very quickly, so everything should be planned well, in no case is it recommended to go into narrow bays at night or swim among the coral reefs. Remember that not all islands are inhabited, and not everywhere there is infrastructure, this must be taken into account when planning places for restocking. And there are also very noticeable ebb and flow. All this must be taken into account when you rent a yacht in the Caribbean, especially if you are going to operate the boat yourself.

What to consider when renting a yacht?

First of all, you choose a vessel by size, the description of each of them indicates how many people the boat can take on board, but of course this is not the only selection criterion. So, in the extended description there will be a complete list of what is in this or that boat, for example, you want a barbecue for your company. In any case, when choosing a vessel, you choose from several basic categories of vessels: sailing yacht, motor yacht, luxury yacht, or catamaran. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of a particular option depends on your preferences and on what is more important to you and what can be sacrificed. Here are the main reasons for choosing a certain type of vessel:
Sailing yacht Motor yacht Luxury yacht Catamaran
­ minimum price; ­ sailing ship romance ­ high speed of movement; ­ doesn’t depend on the weather; ­ high level of comfort; ­ fast and spacious ship ­ doesn’t swing on the waves; ­ a lot of space.
If you have any questions about how to choose a yacht for rent in the Caribbean, contact our experts, they will select the best option for you, taking into account your wishes.
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