Yacht charter in Cuba

Rent a cabin on the yacht Lagoon 620

6 12 2019

Cuba (Cienfuegos)

From: $890

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Saona 47

5 13 2019 14x7,7

Cuba (Cienfuegos)

From: $3,900

Catamaran Lagoon 52 Fly (2018)

6 14 2018 16x9

Cuba (Cienfuegos)

From: $5,470

Cuba attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year thanks to the combination of factors such as a good climate, an interesting and rich culture and history, original cuisine and good opportunities for sea tourism.

"Liberty Island" is more than four thousand islands in the Caribbean Sea, so yacht charter in Cuba is very popular.

For those who want to rent a yacht here, it is best to consider the island of Trinidad, the island of Cienfuegos, or the Punta Frances archipelago. These regions have the best infrastructure for yachting: a large fleet of ships, as well as hundreds of marinas and bays equipped for yachting enthusiasts.

Due to the tropical climate, even in the cold season, the temperature exceeds 20 ° C, so yacht rental in Cuba is in demand practically all year round, but nevertheless the peak here falls from late autumn to early spring, at this time it is dry and warm here.

Another advantage of yachting in this country is the opportunity to visit as many places as possible in a short time, in particular, an orchid sanctuary, a crocodile nursery, and a factory for the production of the legendary Cuban cigars.

Benefits of yacht charter in Cuba

Here are just some of the reasons why tourists choose Cuba for yachting:

  • The cleanest beaches, for example, Varadero - the cleanest in the world according to UNESCO.
  • Excellent diving conditions - there is a very rich underwater world, and the weather is almost always favorable for divers.
  • Local exotic: local cigars and rum, as well as various souvenirs with Che Guevara and Fidel, this is not found anywhere else.
  • Interesting cuisine - using local produce and original Creole recipes, plus legendary local cocktail bars.
  • Unique spirit. In Havana, you will experience the unique retro atmosphere of the mid-20th century.

How to rent a yacht in Cuba without spending tons of money?

Many people, choosing a yacht for rent, are guided primarily by the cost-comfort ratio. Naturally, you pay for the size - the larger the boat, the more expensive it will cost, but this is not the only factor.

The cost of renting a yacht depends on its type:

  • Sailing yacht - usually a small vessel, minimal cost;
  • Motor yacht - the cost of renting such a boat will be significantly higher + fuel will cost more;
  • Superyachts are large luxury boats that cost significantly more.

A catamaran is a large vessel for a large company, it will cost more than a yacht and a motor yacht.

In the tour description, as a rule, the cost is indicated, which includes or does not include the following components:

Cost type Included / not included
Cabin rental All inclusive
Insurance deposit Paid separately, as a rule, if the boat is rented without a captain, if no accidents have occurred, this amount will be returned to you
Insurance Paid separately (not refundable)
Fuel Usually paid separately
Team services Usually included in the price
Bed linen / towels Usually included in the price
Final cleaning Usually included in the price
Menu Usually included in the price
Bar menu Usually paid separately

When you rent a yacht (no matter which one), all these things are specified in the agreement with the lessor, so we advise you to carefully read this document so that later there will be no unpleasant surprises.

To find the best offer for yourself for renting a yacht in Cuba, we recommend that you seek the help of professionals. Our experts will help you choose the option that is right for you, taking into account your wishes and requirements.

Frequently asked questions about yacht charter


All boats rented by charter companies are insured, however you and all team members will need to take out travel medical insurance (for active sports).

We offer sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, luxury yachts and gulets.

Sailing yachts offer the best sailing, sporty and romantic experience at the lowest prices.

Catamarans provide the greatest space, a lot of comfort and respectable sailing. They are also ideal for families with children or large groups.

Motor boats provide speed and power so you can visit more islands and cities and leave more time for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and relaxation.

Luxury yachts provide all the benefits of a 5-star hotel, but at the same time offer the opportunity to sail from one destination to another and in privacy.

Gulets are the best option for a large company.

The contract with the company spells out the terms of return at certain points in time.

Almost never, the entire amount is not returned, as a rule, the company can withhold 10% of the amount if you refuse more than six months before the departure date, then the amount decreases as the departure date approaches.

If you entrust the rental issue to us, there will be no difficulties for you, we will take care of all organizational issues.

If you decide to start organizing yourself, you will have much more risks.

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