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France (Cannes)

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When people talk about France, most likely remember the Eiffel Tower, but France is not only and not so much Paris, there are many other beautiful places, such as Bordeaux, Marseille, Cote d'Azur and Nice. And also, this country offers interesting opportunities for sea tourism, so renting a yacht in France will allow you to discover this amazing country in a new way and move away from the hackneyed stereotypes and views of Paris. Here we will look at what this country offers to lovers of nautical tourism, and where you can go using a yacht charter in France.

Features of yachting in France

If you are an aspiring yachtsman, there is no better place for cruises than France. In the high season (summer months) the sea is warm and calm, but with a stable wind, and the sun is not as hot as in the tropics, and even in winter it is not so cold here, and the average temperature is + 15 ° C. Therefore, yacht charter is a popular pastime among both local and foreign tourists. The most popular period for yachting in France is June-August. At this time, it is quite warm here, there is little rainfall, the wind strength reaches 3-4 points, and they blow very steadily, which is very good for sailing on a sailing yacht. However, it is also worth noting that during this period the prices for yacht rental in France are at their maximum, and popular routes such as the Cote d'Azur or Corsica are crowded with tourists. If you prefer a quiet, secluded getaway, empty beaches and pleasant warmth, the best time is May or September. In addition, the price will be a pleasant bonus for you - renting a yacht in France during these months will be at least 25% cheaper than the high season. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you rent a yacht not on the Atlantic coast, but in the Mediterranean Sea, where it will be much calmer and easier to cope with its management. The Atlantic, in particular the Bay of Biscay with its strong currents and frequent wind changes, is considered a rather dangerous place, so those who already have sufficient experience in navigating ships should go there. Also, beginners should consider the fairly strong ebb and flow that occur in literally minutes, so boaters must be very careful not to run aground.

The best yachting destinations

Yacht charter in France thrives mainly on the French Riviera, Saint Tropez, Cannes and Nice. The entire east coast from Spain to Italy is one big attraction, and a week will hardly be enough for you to explore everything here, but it will be easier and faster to do it on a yacht. In France you will have more than enough itineraries for 3.5, 7 and 10 days sea cruises.
  • The Cote d'Azur is probably the most popular destination for yachtsmen. The Cote d'Azur is almost three hundred kilometers of coastline, many ports and bays and marinas. Here you will find both quiet secluded villages and large cities with developed infrastructure for tourists and incredible beauty of Mediterranean landscapes. Renting a yacht on the French Riviera is a win-win solution;
  • The Riviera is a great place for those who are still new to yachting. It is quiet and beautiful, and there are still enough marinas and ports. There are not as many ships here as on the Cote d'Azur, so you will be comfortable and calm;
  • Nice. Perhaps the only city in France that can rival Paris in popularity. If you haven't been to Nice yet, be sure to visit this amazing place. Nice is a city of luxury, you should definitely visit the embankment of millionaires and go to the casino. In addition, the city houses a wonderful museum of famous artists Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso, as well as the Marineland amusement park and much more;
  • The island of Corsica. The island of Corsica is located far from the bustling east coast of France, but it is very beautiful here and you can easily find a deserted harbor and beach. Corsica is the ideal place for those who want to be alone and admire the beautiful views of the Mediterranean.
  • Cannes. Who hasn't heard of the Cannes Film Festival? Have you heard of Cannes restaurants with amazing wines and their famous haute cuisine? This place is definitely worth a visit, and there are good conditions for yachting.
Here is some basic information for those looking to charter a yacht in France:
High season for yachting June July August
Full season for yachting May - September
Number of marinas in the region About 25
Number of boats available for rent Over 250
Popular regions for yachtsman
  • Azure coast (Mediterranean)
  • Corsica (Mediterranean)
  • Brittany Peninsula (Atlantic)
  • Bay of Biscay (Atlantic)

The main nuances of yacht charter in France

There are many charter companies in France, they are in almost all port cities, but during the high season the demand is so great that it is not so easy to find a vacant vessel, so it is better to book everything in advance. In addition, marinas can get crowded during the high season, especially in popular tourist spots, so it is best to plan your itinerary in advance and book your seats. If you want to operate the boat yourself, you must provide an international skipper license, but even so there will be certain restrictions on the type of boat and itinerary. If you take a boat with a captain, there will be no such restrictions. France offers good opportunities for lovers of diving, snorkeling, surfing and other sea sports. Often, when renting a yacht, you also receive the appropriate equipment, so that you can diversify your cruise with active entertainment. If you do not want to delve into all the details of the process, our specialists will be happy to help you choose the best route and vessel for your taste.
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