Yacht charter Italy

Catamaran Bali Catspace

4 8 2020 12,33x6,59

Italy (Marina di Portisco)

From: $3,060

Sailing yacht Oceanis 48

5 10 2017 14,6x4,74

Italy (Marina di Portorosa)

From: $2,967

Sailing yacht Oceanis 45

4 8 2018 13,85x4,49

Italy (Marina d'Arechi)

From: $2,115

Catamaran Saba 50

4 8 2018 14,98x8

Italy (Marina di Portorosa)

On request

Sailing yacht Dufour 350

3 7 2017 10,28x3,54

Italy (Marina di Portisco)

From: $1,080

Sailing yacht Sun Odyssey 519

6 13 2017 15,75x4,69

Italy (Marina di Portorosa)

From: $2,925

Yacht charter in Italy - choosing an active holiday

Rest at the sea is not only monotonous swimming and sunbathing on the beach with a cocktail in hand , it is also an opportunity to actively and interestingly spend your time, especially in such an amazing country.Renting a yacht in Italy will allow you to enjoy the incredible beauty of this region, discover its new facets, inaccessible from land, visit new interesting places, and just have a good time with friends and family. Renting a yacht is a good alternative to passive rest and an opportunity to get a lot of new impressions.

What you can see by renting a yacht in Italy

So let's take a closer look at where you can go, if you use the services Lease 's yacht. Italy offers you the following:
  1. Italian Riviera. This is the region from the border with France to the Cinque Terre. Here you will find gorgeous views of the local nature, cute small villages, the legendary Genoa, which was once the center of the medieval republic. The Cinque Terre is also «must see» on this route . By the way, it's not so easy to get here by land, but by sea - no problem.
  2. Aeolian Islands. Sicily I is a region of volcanoes, and it is best to admire the views here, of course, on a yacht. Here you can even see active volcanoes like Stromboli. So, you sail to a small island, find a deserted beach surrounded by a pine forest and see an erupting volcano in the distance. Cool ? This is Sicily. In addition, this island is famous in the world as the birthplace of the mafia, and there are many monuments of antiquity and the Middle Ages preserved here, so you will have something to see, even if you choose a week-long tour of Sicily.
  3. Another large island, a first-class place for those who love a quiet, secluded vacation and unity with nature. Here you will find a bunch of small villages and cozy bays, where you can fully enjoy a relaxing holiday in a measured rhythm. True, here you can relax and more actively, for example, near the island there are quite a few places for divers where you can dive in shipwrecks, and there is also the interesting town of Alghero with its famous towers and the picturesque Maddalena archipelago.
  4. Phlegrean Islands. On the island of Capri liked to rest even the Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius, and in the 20th century it was visited by such prominent people as Vladimir Lenin, C. Debussy, M. Gorky and Mikhail Kotsyubinsky. There is simply amazing nature and incredible air . Thanks to its features of Capri is considered a resort , here you will find the grotto 's and sea caves, geysers and thermal springs . Capri also has its own unique culture and cuisine. This place is definitely worth a visit.
  5. Salerno . Another fabulous place where a tourist should definitely go . Small villages with bright p aznotsvetny mi house s gardens of LEMON x trees s - such is not anywhere else. Here you can feel the real thrill of yachting . In Salerno passes an annual festival of music and art, Ravello , so we recommend you to visit Salerno during this period.
Naturally, these are not all the interesting places that you can see when renting a yacht in Italy . Another important point is to choose the right season.

Features of yachting in Italy

Italy is a country with a Mediterranean subtropical climate. Summers are warm and dry, while winters are mild and rainy. The high season for yachting in Italy is May-October. At this time, the temperature is about 26 ° C , while the temperature of sea water + 22 ° C . Winter is low season. The difference in prices can be up to 50% for a similar cruise. If you are interested in yacht charter in Italy, we recommend that you contact our specialists for advice. They are well versed in all the features of this process and will be happy to help you choose the best option.
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