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Sailing catamaran Mawimbi

2017 11,75x6,63

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,900

Sailing yacht Foxtrot

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Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,200

Sailing yacht Blues

5 10 2014 14,6x4,75

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

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Sailing yacht Twist

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Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

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Flamenco sailing yacht

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Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,200

Catamaran Pelican

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Montenegro (Marina Lazure)

From: $4,350

Sailing yacht Rumba

3 8 2014

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $2,000

Sailing yacht Veda

3 8 2017 12x4,2

Montenegro (Porto Montenegro)

From: $1,900

Montenegro is a small but rather interesting country on the Balkan Peninsula. Conditionally it can be divided into two parts: northern, rocky area, and southern - the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

And in that, and in the other there are quite a lot of attractions and interesting places. Here we will look at the southern part, the Adriatic coast.

The best way to explore this region is on board, which is why yacht charter in Montenegro opens up new possibilities in exploring this amazing country.

So let's take a look at the most interesting and popular yachting destinations in Montenegro.

Yachting in Montenegro

Discovering the Adriatic coast

Those who are looking for peace and quiet among amazing natural landscapes go to Montenegro, although of course there are other entertainments, including outdoor activities on the beach, discos, etc. Montenegro is considered one of the most ecologically clean places on earth.

There are almost no factories and factories here, so there are no sources of pollution of the earth, air and water. And Montenegro is also famous for its Mediterranean flora, here you can find almost 3000 plant species, some of them are unique, and are included in the Red Book.

And yet, Montenegro is sand and pebble beaches, caves, rocks and mountains that go right into the sea, waterfalls, and picturesque river valleys, in a word, Montenegro is very beautiful.

And you can see all this by renting a yacht. The Bay of Kotor, the island of Sveti Stefan, and the sea caves near the town of Herceg Novi, you can see all this by renting a yacht in Montenegro.

Without this, your acquaintance with this amazing country will be incomplete. So, let's begin:


In Montenegro, there are only two airports, one of them is located in the capital, Podgorica, and the other - in a small town on the coast - in Tivat. Since our goal is Southeast Montenegro, we fly to Tivat.

From here it is easy to get to any large port city of Montenegro, and in the city itself there is a good infrastructure for tourists who are interested in Yacht charter in Montenegro - there is a large port and marinas for yachts (Porto Montenegro).

Plus, if you arrive at the end of July, you will be in time for the annual wine fair.

There you can taste the best local wines, some made according to traditional ancient recipes.

Herceg Novi

The city of Herceg Novi seems to have collected all the possible advantages of the rest of the country's resort places: there are beaches for every taste and good conditions for sea sports, and many cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops, as well as a wonderful historical center.

Be sure to visit Bellavista Square, Cathedral of the Archangel Michael. Bloody Tower, Clock Tower and walk along the main street, Njegoseva and enter the Hotela Boca city park. Local residents call Herceg Novi the "Garden of Montenegro".

The city is in many ways similar to its northern neighbor, the famous Croatian Dubrovnik. It is a must-see for everyone who goes to Montenegro.


This ancient city is one of the oldest settlements in the Adriatic Sea, it is more than 2.5 thousand years old.

Now Budva is considered the center of the region, the main tourist center of the country. It also has its own old city, which houses the main attractions, including the remains of an ancient fortress and old temples.

And also, Budva is tens of kilometers of beach and clear water. Among the most popular places are the beaches of Mogren, Becici and Pisana. Budva also has something to offer to fans of parties and discos.

Life continues to be the key at night, as it does during the day.

There is a rather large and comfortable marina, so if you rent a yacht in Montenegro, you can moor right in the city center.


Another pearl of the Adriatic. This is one of the most popular and most visited places in Montenegro.

The city center is well preserved and is a complete ensemble of Mediterranean architecture. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kotor is the largest city on the coast, the largest port in the country, there will definitely not be any problems with choosing a place for mooring. Kotor is a place where mountains and sea meet.

Those who climb to the top will enjoy stunning views of the city and the bay below.

And Kotor is also known as the "city of cats", they are just everywhere here. Be sure to visit this amazing place.

Sveti Stefan Island

Sveti Stefan Island is a unique place in Montenegro. In fact, it is a rocky peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow sandy isthmus. It is very densely built up and covered with greenery.

There are many beautiful villas here, for example, Villa Milocer was previously the residence of the king. The island looks so picturesque that it has become a business card for the whole country.

So, when you see on a postcard a small picturesque island, densely covered with buildings and gardens with the signature "Montenegro", most likely it is Sveti Stefan.

The coast of Cherngoria is 300 km of beaches, bays, islets, and the bay of Boka Kotorska.

Montenegro is an interesting country with an excellent infrastructure for yacht charter, which is why it is in demand by yachtsmen from all over the world.

The high season here is mid-summer.

What to choose, a yacht or a catamaran

When you choose a boat for a cruise in Montenegro, you can choose a vessel of one of two types: a yacht, or a catamaran. Both have their advantages, here they are:

In any case, both options have their advantages, so we cannot unequivocally answer the question of which is better, a yacht or a catamaran. You must make this choice for yourself.

Our experts are well acquainted with the peculiarities of yachting in Montenegro, they will help you choose the best route and choose the vessel that is optimal for you.

Our company is a team of sea sports, recreation and swimming enthusiasts who want to show their customers the amazing sea world.

The number of the company's clients is increasing every season, and they leave only positive feedback about their trips.

Want to take a yacht trip? Fulfill this dream now, yacht charter is available to everyone!

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