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Yacht charter Turkey

Yacht type
Fethiye, Turkey

Sailing yacht Dufour 430 GL

From 2990€/day
4 2021
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Fethiye, Turkey

Sailing yacht Priceless

From 1393€/day
3 2012
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Antalya, Turkey

Motor yacht ALPEREN

From Price on request
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Marmaris, Turkey

Sailing yacht Sky Selin

From 3440€/day
4 2017
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Istanbul, Turkey

Motor yacht Istanbul 3

From Price on request
3 20 x 5 1950
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Istanbul, Turkey

Motor yacht Istanbul 1

From Price on request
2 18 x 6 1950
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Motor yacht FAIRLINE

From Price on request
3 1950
More details
Izmir, Turkey

Motor yacht FERETTI

From Price on request
3 2019
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Izmir, Turkey

Motor yacht CARVIER

From Price on request
2 1950
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Marmaris, Turkey


From 6250€/day
5 24 x 6 2019
More details
Marmaris, Turkey


From Price on request
7 37 x 8 2018
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Marmaris, Turkey


From 5500€/day
5 24 x 7 2013
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1 2 3 8

Yachting in Turkey

Turkey is a completely unique country, here East meets West, Europe meets Asia, and at their intersection you can find a lot of interesting things. It also has good infrastructure, reasonable prices and beautiful Mediterranean nature.

But the beauty of this country is not only on land, there are places where you can only get by water, so yacht charter in Turkey is the best way to discover this amazing country in a new way – from the sea.

The yacht rental market and the corresponding infrastructure began to develop here 30 years ago: the Turks have significantly expanded their fleet and equipped marinas, and also added their own flavor.

For example, a traditional Turkish boat, a gulet, can only be rented here.

Benefits of yacht charter

Let’s take a look at the benefits of yacht charter Turkey.

  • The first and foremost benefit is affordability. Only very wealthy people can buy a boat and ride it (even a modest second-hand yacht will cost at least 100,000 EUR), but much more people can book a two-day tour for 700-900 EUR. In addition, a group of people can use this service, and the cost will be minimal.
  • Access to new locations. On a yacht, you can easily sail to places that cannot be reached by other ways (uninhabited islands, rocks, atolls, coral reefs, shipwrecks, etc.)
  • New sensations. This type of recreation is not like the others. You will feel like a real sea wolf, it is much more interesting than lying on the beach for the day or sitting in a bar.
  • Possibility to have a party. Everything here is limited only by the requirements of the charter company and your imagination. In any case, you will remember a holiday on a boat in the circle of relatives and friends for a long time. Moreover, the cost of organizing such a holiday can be even lower than in an elite restaurant, and you will get much more impressions.

Choose a yacht in Turkey

How to rent a yacht in Turkey

So, you have decided that you want to rent a yacht. What do you need to do for this. Let’s walk through the process step by step:

  1. Choice of location and vessel. First you need to choose a place and a vessel. If everything is more or less clear with the choice of location, you just look at the description of the area and choose what exactly you want to see, then with the choice of the vessel everything is a little more complicated. In Turkey, you have the choice between yacht, gulet and catamaran. A gulet and a yacht are similar in many ways, a gulet is usually larger, but a double-hull catamaran is significantly different in its design. Here are the main reasons to choose one or another type of vessel:
    • Cheaper compared to others;
    • “Sailing drive” and a unique atmosphere.
    • Original experience (traditional Turkish vessel);
    • More space (compared to a yacht).
    • More resilient (better for those with seasickness);
    • More space (compared to a yacht).
  1. Contact the manager. Now that you have chosen a place and a vessel, you contact the managers of our company and make a preliminary request. They check availability on the selected vessel on the dates indicated. We ourselves choose a company that leases yachts from a large base of partners. We have experience and proven relationships with partners in different parts of the world.
  2. Preparation and collection of documents. In the event that you want to manage the boat yourself (renting a yacht without a skipper) you must have an international skipper certificate, for example, Bareboat Skipper IYT (analogous to a driver’s license for a car), in addition, you must provide data about each member of your team. But if you just want rest and relaxation, you only need your passport, the insurance is issued upon arrival. Then you pay for the tour and sign a service agreement (yacht charter in Turkey). You are now ready.
  3. You arrive at the place of departure. Then you just have to arrive at the agreed place, pass the final briefing from the captain on the spot, and you are ready to hit the road!

Why Sparks Life?

Our company is a team of sea sports, recreation and swimming enthusiasts who want to show their customers the amazing sea world.

The number of the company’s clients is increasing every season, and they leave only positive feedback about their trips.

Want to take a yacht trip? Fulfill this dream now, yacht charter is available to everyone!

Why rent a yacht from Sparks Life Worldwide:

  • Certified Boat Lessor;
  • Great yacht charter experience;
  • Schemes for working with partners around the world have been established;
  • Work only with reliable and trusted partners;
  • Prompt search for information and organization of yacht charter;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Only modern yachts in excellent condition;
  • Guaranteed security.

To book a yacht charter today, contact our consultants. We will help make your dreams come true and organize a great vacation quickly and efficiently.