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Organization of events in Europe

August 26, 2021

Organization of events in Europe. Today, more and more often there are those who want to organize a modern event outside the city or country. This is definitely an excellent solution for a magnificent, memorable wedding or a class birthday, a youth party, a christening. Events held in Europe will delight, surprise and make unforgettable impressions on the guests of the celebration.

Places for the realization of the holiday are very diverse, although the search for a specific location that will be interesting to the invited person may be difficult. The fact is that the segment of places for special events has not yet been fully studied, although it has enough potential to develop further.

So, in each city their traditions are observed. It is interesting that certain states specialize in specific events. For example, explosive parties and million concerts are characteristic of London and Berlin, while for Paris there are grand weddings with the rent of a palace, and for Athens there are solemn christenings.

No one had imagined that romantic France would become a place to which they come to confess their love or to spend their honeymoon.

Greece, famous for its unchanging traditions, became famous for christening, which are considered almost the most important holiday for the whole family and are celebrated no worse than a wedding. In the city of antiquity, any institution will offer a range of services specifically for this event.


In England there is a botanical garden, which has a unique design. Eden was erected on the site of a quarry from which clay was previously mined. The modern botanical garden has hundreds of rare species of amazing plants that are wonders of botany.

Separate admiration deserves the design incorporated in the foundation of the structure, striking the imagination, especially in the evening. The zone can be used not only for excursions, but also for organizing a creative event.

“Eden” is a paradise garden in Great Britain with an area of ​​22 kilometers, on the territory of which geodesic domes with plants from around the world are located.


Germany is famous for its interesting places in which you can hold a variety of activities. In this country, organizing a holiday in a factory, in a fortress, or in a brewery is a common, common business.

Castle Zatzwey is a great example. The medieval structure has water barriers and is included in the list of the most stunning private German buildings, of which there are only 7. More than half of the castle is open – anyone can become a guest of the estate.

In medieval construction, it is not difficult to hold a solemn holiday – for more than 35 years various children’s and general events, such as Christmas markets, knightly battles, medieval detective plays, cooking shows, summer theaters, have been held in Zatzvey Castle. The estate is also open to organizing private events.


Amsterdam is a city, first of all, with a rich history and interesting sites. Here you can find a location to taste, format and budget. For example, the organization of a cocktail party with the rental of a luxury cruise liner will be cheaper than in any other country, and guests will remember their birthday on the beach terrace for a long time.

“ZiggoDome” is a concert hall, which is ideal for holding a large-scale event, because it can comfortably accommodate 17 thousand people in a large hall and 800 people in a small one. In addition to the halls, there are banquet rooms in ZiggoDome, which offer many additional opportunities to hold an event “perfectly well”.


Greece is probably not so much subtle and unusual as simply beautiful. Any location, immersed in an incredibly large number of green spaces and having a sea view, enchants with its beauty. Greece is rich in such places – they are in abundance here. Interestingly, if you order a large catering, the owners offer discounts.


France is a country of fantastic and inimitable places that are ideal for holding a planned celebration, thereby satisfying their preferences.

Here you can rent a grand salon or an old mansion that once belonged to an important person, a huge castle in the Loire Valley, an elegant hotel or villa by the sea or in the capital, a magnificent residence of aristocrats.

As an example – the royal solemn wedding ceremony was held in the magnificent castle of the Marquise de Pompadour. This place, which has preserved the incredible French beauty of the 18th century, is surrounded by parks, facades and interiors.

An old building with a grand entrance, wooden floors and walls of marble decorated with gold details, high ceilings have a decor in the form of crystal chandeliers. This castle has become an exact copy of the halls in Versailles with spacious music rooms and a rich interior.

Even the spirit of history is in the air – the fascinating atmosphere captivates all guests invited to the wedding at the Marquise de Pompadour castle. And after the official celebration you can hold a cocktail party in the garden or a festive dinner at a huge table in the historic hall – it depends on taste.

Any of these options and many others can offer you our international company. Contact our managers and we will select the option individually for your event (organization of events in Europe).

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