In a modern world, a private jets rental is no longer an unusual thing; this service has fallen into a habit of business people. Regular trips, even in business class, often cannot meet all the needs of exacting customers, so to provide additional comfort and save the valuable time for solving business problems, many people often consider a private jet renting. Everything is more or less clear when we choose a regular air ticket– you select the departure and destination airports, and within a minute you are offered several options available, but when renting a private plane, everything is a bit more complicated, mainly due to the fact that you are not offered to choose a seat in a plane, but an aircraft itself. And if you have no experience in organizing private flights yet, the issue of selecting an aircraft for rent can cause some difficulties. So we are going to consider the main classes of business jets and the things you have to consider when you rent a private jet.

The main types of private jets.

The cost of a private flight and the level of comfort during a trip are determined mainly by the type of an airplane. 5 main types of planes can be rented for private trips.

1.      Very Light Jets

A very light jet renting is a relatively new service in the private plane renting market. As a rule, they are used for small flights lasting up to 2 hours. Cessna Citation Mustang and Embraer Phenom 100 are among the machines of this class. The low flight cost and the possibility of landing at small airports (with a short runway) are among the advantages of this solution. This is an excellent solution for small groups of people (up to 4), while the flight range does not exceed 2000 km. This is the distance between European countries, for example, from Rome to Copenhagen or from Warsaw to Paris. There will be no flight attendant or lavatory on board, so this option is not suitable for longer flights.

very light jet

2.      Light jets

This airplane is intended for a bigger group of up to 6 people. A passenger cannot move in the cabin during a trip; these jets may have a lavatory. Like in the previous type, there is no flight attendant here, the luggage compartment is small as well. As for the flight range, it is about 2,000 km, like that of a very light jet. With a cruising speed of 760 km/h, this aircraft can take you to your destination point just in 2-3 hours. Not bad indeed. This option is the best for a small group of people with little luggage. Like in the case of very light aircraft, the jets of this class can run on the shortest runway, which significantly expands the geography of their use for private flights. Cessna Citation CJ2 and Dassault Falcon 10 are the representatives of this type.

Private jets rental

3.      Mid-size jets

This aircraft is designed to carry up to 8 passengers, but, unlike the previous types, a person can easily move inside during a flight. There is a full-fledged lavatory, and this jet is intended for a longer flight (up to 8 hours), or up to 14,000 kilometers. There are flight attendants on board of this aircraft. Their cabin of such a jet is more comfortable than that of smaller machines; there may even be sofas. Besides, the luggage capacity of this aircraft is also much bigger than that of the previous plane. Hawker 800XP is a typical representative of this class. A jet of this class is ideal for a small group of people traveling over an average distance. It provides an acceptable level of comfort for an average price.

Private jets rental

4.      Heavy Jets

This aircraft class is intended for average groups of up to 17 people. The flight range of this class is limited to 7500 km and a duration of up to 5 hours. A heavy jet is a good solution for transcontinental flights. The height of the ceilings of these vessels allows passengers to move freely inside. There are lavatories, and flight attendants, like in the planes of medium size. This is a very comfortable option, but the price for renting such an aircraft will be much higher than that of the previous types. An aircraft of this class allow direct flights from Madrid to New York. Perhaps the most famous representative of this class of aircraft is Falcon 2000.

Private jets rental

5.      Business liners

This is not an airplane, but a hotel with wings. Luxurious salons, seats lying flat, several bathrooms, guest rooms, relaxing areas, kitchens, showers, and even bedrooms meet the highest requirements for functionality and comfort. Unlike other business aircraft types, the cabin of this aircraft is divided into separate premises. Naturally, there is a crew on board. The number of passengers carried by these planes is usually within the range of 20..40. The flight range of 9000 km enables non-stop transcontinental flights. Average flight speed of 800 km/h allows this aircraft to fly the distance from Paris to Dubai in about 6 hours. The Airbus A319/ACJ is a typical representative of this class. However, one should remember that such a jet requires a large runway, so it is not suitable for small airports in small towns.

Private jets rental


Small planes are better suited for short-distance flights of several people, if you are going to save on comfort, renting a large jet is much more expensive, but the level of comfort is much higher, and you can even book an intercontinental flight.

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