Catamaran Merengue



Catamaran “Merengue”

(1-15 people) 50 feet

The rental price is indicated for 1 day.

Exciting yachting in the Dominican Republic with Sparks Life. We will embark on a Caribbean cruise in a comfortable boat that can accommodate up to 15 people.

The yacht has everything you need:
– 2 cabins
– 2 bathrooms
– shower with fresh water
– cozy galley.
– common recreation area

The Sparks Life company invites you on a yacht cruise to the island. You will see the most beautiful places in the Dominican Republic. Our trip will take place on a comfortable catamaran “MERENGUE”, fully equipped with everything you need for life and relaxation. In addition, to make your yachting in the Dominican Republic as safe as possible, the vessel will be accompanied by an experienced captain.

Yacht in the Dominican Republic – what is worth seeing

The Dominican Republic is rich in attractions. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful islands that are definitely worth visiting when choosing such a mode of transport as a yacht in the Dominican Republic.


The rich world of flora and fauna of this island is widely known even beyond its borders. Saona is fully part of the National Reserve of the Dominican Republic. It is noteworthy that the park occupies some more area of ​​the island of Haiti, near which Saona is comfortably located.

The rustle of luxurious palm groves can literally plunge travelers into a state of complete bliss and nirvana. The local nature is simply striking in its beauty: azure waters are home to starfish and other inhabitants of the sea, and the sandy beach is soft as silk. There is also a mango grove with rare plant species.

Located near the sea, it serves as a refuge for fry. It is the rent of a yacht in the Dominican Republic that will allow you to fully enjoy all this beauty.


This tiny island of only 15m2 is comfortably located next to La Romana. There is a picturesque sandy beach near which yachtsmen love to anchor.

Among other things, Catalina is one of the best places in the Dominican Republic for diving and snorkelling. It has long been chosen by both experienced divers and beginners in this sport. The sea depth here ranges from 5 to 43 meters. The deepest mark is the location of the underwater wall. However, to see the picturesque world of marine life, it is enough to dive 10-12 meters.

At this depth it is possible to meet squid, seahorses and many others. It is also available here to explore the wrecks of ships that sank many centuries ago. For example, Captain Kidd’s ship is only 6 meters deep.

Altos de Chavon.

The tourist complex City of Artists skillfully recreates a medieval village of artisans. On its territory there is a design school with various directions: from weaving to ceramics. There is also a gallery that displays works by Dominican artists and artists from around the globe.

The whole complex is located on the territory of the fashionable resort Casa de Campo, a favorite vacation spot for world stars and millionaires.

If desired, it is possible to organize fishing, diving and snorkelling. If you need to rent a yacht in the Dominican Republic, please contact the Sparks Life company. We will not only help you find the best boat, but also organize the perfect vacation for you!

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