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Motor yacht ALICE (exclusive)

From 7700€/day


We bring to your attention our beautiful yacht Alice! This is a modern vessel, built using the most current shipbuilding technologies, and at the same time it is not devoid of striking style and unique character. The ideas of freedom and comfort have been successfully implemented here. Thanks to our decorator, the interior of the ship gives a feeling of calmness and comfort, you will feel like in an expensive boutique hotel. The interior uses mainly wood, fabric and other natural materials.

When you travel by sea on board a vessel, the professionalism and skills of the crew are no less important than the technical characteristics of the boat, therefore we are extremely critical in the process of selecting the crew for our vessel. Only professionals with extensive experience work here, they will do their best so that you can fully enjoy your vacation while traveling. We have staff from different countries, but they all speak English well and are ready to listen to any of your requests and wishes. Everything you need will be delivered to you as soon as possible, and you will not feel constrained by the presence of other people on board.


I would like to tell you about our captain separately. His name is Mohamed Adil, he was born and raised in the Maldives, so the passion for sea travel is in his blood. Mohamed speaks good English, he has extensive experience in yacht management (12 years), has all the necessary licenses, and also Mohamed is well versed in the local culture. Our captain previously worked as a managing consul on about. Velidu, so he has experience in management. He has received prestigious awards, including the Best Yacht Crew Award, which he received in 2018 from the Maldives National Aquatics Association. Mohamed is a first-class captain and a good leader of his crew, so you are guaranteed safety and comfort aboard Alice.


As for the cuisine, everything here is also at the highest level. Our Chef is from Thailand and is well versed in the style of fusion, mixing the finest Asian and global culinary traditions. Breakfast, lunch and dinner await you every day. We select fresh and natural ingredients, prioritizing local products.

Do you want to dine like in a restaurant? No problem! We will arrange it for you, here on board you can set the table and serve it like in the best cafes and restaurants. We will make your trip unforgettable, and cuisine plays an important role in this. All of our staff have completed specialized courses in South Africa.

If you have individual restrictions on the menu, you follow a special diet, or you have food allergies to certain products – no problem! We will compose an individual menu for you. It will be delicious and healthy, in any case you will definitely not stay hungry!


There are special secluded areas on the deck for a quiet rest, so if you want to read a book accompanied by the soothing lapping of the waves, you are welcome. On the other hand, on board our yacht, you can throw an incendiary party in the middle of the ocean, this can also be done. In any case, the choice is yours.

In Alice cabins you will feel the comfort and coziness of an expensive hotel, but unlike a hotel on board our yacht, you will see the ocean outside the windows! Each of the cabins (there are nine in total) is individual in its own way, but all have a pleasant design and style. All of them are perfect for your rest and relaxation.


The Maldives is a Muslim country, so alcohol is prohibited here, but we have some preferences. A special license allows us to offer our guests a good selection of drinks at the bar. Various cocktails for different occasions are offered to your attention, it will be interesting!


Your tour price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, tea or coffee, and some snacks and drinks from the bar.

In addition, the price of the tour includes several dives day and night (2-3 times – during the day and once at night, except 24 hours before departure and the day of registration.) All dives take place from a special diving boat and always in the presence of our diving instructor … In addition, you can fish in the middle of the ocean if you wish. We can also organize a barbecue for you on one of the wild beaches in the atolls. For lovers of outdoor activities, we offer water skiing and wakeboards. There is Wi-Fi on board, so you will not feel out of touch with civilization (included in the price). The tour price also includes taxes (except for the “green tax”), and fuel (within the standard route). Also, the tour price includes transfers (Airport-Yacht and Yacht-Airport).

Not included in the tour price:

Airplane tickets in both directions.
Insurance (regular medical and diving).
Rent of equipment for outdoor activities (skiing, wakeboard, diving and fishing equipment), and special diving courses, as well as additional dives (over the day and night norms).
Green tax. It is paid without fail. It is $ 6 per day per person.

Alcoholic drinks at the bar, as well as non-alcoholic drinks (except for tea and

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