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Motor yacht Astandoa

From 3450€/day



(1-12 people)

The rental price is indicated for 1 day.

Exciting yachting in the Dominican Republic with Sparks Life. We will embark on a Caribbean cruise on a comfortable boat that can accommodate up to 12 people.

The yacht has everything you need:
– 3 cabins
– 2 bathrooms
– shower with fresh water
– kitchen

Yachting in the Dominican Republic is an unforgettable adventure that Sparks Life invites you to. Traveling on a comfortable ship “ASTANDOA”, which is equipped with everything you need for life and relaxation, you can fully enjoy the unique landscapes of the Caribbean Sea. And to make the choice of such transport as a yacht in the Dominican Republic as safe as possible, you will be accompanied by an experienced captain.

Island on a yacht – what to see when sailing

Renting a yacht in the Dominican Republic opens up a lot of possibilities for you. You can independently visit the most interesting and picturesque corners of this amazing republic. The most popular islands are offered to your attention, which, in our opinion, are definitely worth seeing.


This largest island in the Dominican Republic is rightfully considered a real pearl of the Caribbean. In addition to being amazingly beautiful, this area is a National Reserve, protected by the state. The island is mostly uninhabited (apart from three small fishing settlements), so the nature here has been preserved in the same state as it was hundreds of years ago.

Travelers have long fallen in love with Saona for its deserted beaches, the softest sand that practically does not heat up under the sun’s rays and crystal clear, azure water. On land it is possible to meet birds (and even the rarest, endangered species of green parrots) and iguanas, and in the sea there is a large number of dolphins, starfish and other inhabitants of the depths. Go to the island on a yacht to get the most out of the rich world of flora and fauna.


This island has long been loved by snorkelers and divers from all over the world. Renting a yacht in the Dominican Republic will help you get to know this amazing place, one of the three world leaders in diving. It is equally interesting for both beginners and highly qualified divers. For example, an underwater wall with a depth of 5 to 43 meters is suitable for inexperienced beginners in this sport. However, professionals also come here. During the dive, next to you there will be flocks of various fish that have long been accustomed to people and are not afraid of new visitors.

Altos de Chavon

This City of Artists is an artificially erected village that perfectly reproduces the settlement of Spanish artisans of the 15th century. This area is located right in the resort of Casa de Campo, on the banks of the Chavon River. Celebrities from all over the world love to come here.

For all comers, the Sparks Life company organizes snorkeling, fishing and diving. With us, yachting in the Dominican Republic will be the perfect vacation.

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