Motor yacht Consuelo

From: $1,350



(1-6 people) 30 feet

The rental price is indicated for 1 day.

Fascinating yachting in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean with Sparks Life.

Renting a yacht in the Dominican Republic is the best way to spend a weekend or a whole vacation enjoying the magnificent scenery and luxurious relaxation aboard a comfortable vessel.

Our journey will take place on a comfortable ship with a capacity of up to 6 passengers, equipped with everything you need:
– 1 bathroom
– kitchenette
– sleeping place
– equipment for fishing.

You will sail to the island on a yacht in the company of an experienced skipper and sailor who will make your cruise not only interesting, but also safe.

For all our clients, the cruise price includes:

rum, beer, soft drinks, water;
masks and fins;
bait for fish.

If you need a yacht in the Dominican Republic, contact the Sparks Life company. We know how to make your holiday perfect!

What will we see?

Yachting in the Dominican Republic will give you the opportunity to visit the following islands.


This is a calm and comfortable island, which is part of the Dominican Republic. This state is located in the east of the island of Haiti in the Caribbean Sea. Saona is the largest island in the Republic, which is included in the National Park in the south-east of the Dominican Republic. The nature of the reserve is protected by the state, and the total territory of the island is a little more than 100 km2. The lion’s share of Saona is not inhabited by people, and in the rest of the area there are only three fishing villages.

There are no hotels, hotels and other infrastructure, but nature is striking in its beauty and primordiality. That is why renting a yacht in the Dominican Republic will give you the opportunity to relax in comfort on this wonderful island. The purest, azure water, white sandy beaches and picturesque palm groves will not leave anyone indifferent. You can drop anchor on one of the beaches and enjoy all this splendor to the full.

The main attraction of Saona is the incredibly beautiful lagoon, which is only 1m deep.


Looking at this area with its snow-white beaches, palm groves and crystal clear, transparent water, the picture with the landscapes of Bounty Island is immediately remembered. Due to the fact that the authorities protect the natural heritage of Catalina, she acquired the status of a reserve. This place boasts some of the best diving and snorkelling facilities in the entire Dominican Republic. If you are interested in this area, having made the transition to the island on a yacht, we can go on a sightseeing tour. Of course, Catalina is not as popular as Saona, and this has its own charm, especially for those who like a quiet holiday. There are even fewer tourists here, and by dropping anchor, you can truly enjoy the gorgeous landscapes and complete unity with nature.

Altos de Chavon.

The City of Artists is a rather famous and at the same time mysterious part of the Dominican Republic. The special charm of the territory is given by the fact that it is preferred by the richest and most famous people of the entire globe. The city of artisans and artists is an artificially erected area, which was created an absolute copy of a Spanish village of the 15th century.

If you wish, Sparks Life will arrange fishing, snorkelling or diving for you. Departure will be from the port of Casa de Campo (city of millionaires).

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Casa de Campo



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