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Sardinia one week yacht tour

November 19, 2021


Travel plan:


You arrive at the airport of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy), then get to the point of departure – the port of Carloforte (CARLOFORTE), which is located on a small island west of Sardinia. The journey to the nearest port will take about 40 minutes, and another 30 minutes to reach Carloforte by ferry. Upon arrival, you can dine at a local restaurant. The next day, a week-long yacht tour around Sardinia will begin.

The journey to the nearest port will take about 40 minutes, and another 30 minutes to reach Carloforte by ferry. Upon arrival, you can dine at a local restaurant. The next day, a week-long yacht tour around Sardinia will begin.


So, our one week yacht tour begins – aboard Oceanis 393 you sail along the coastline to the north, and the first place you visit is Pan Di Zucchero rock (recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Next stop is Cala Domestica beach. There you can sunbathe and swim in the sea. After that, we sail to the town of Masua (Sardinia). There you can stay at anchor overnight. You can also go ashore and dine at the local Warung Beach restaurant, which is located right on the beach.


The next day, you will take a “trip around the world” around the islet of San Pietro. San Pietro is known for its unique coastline, its coastline is dotted with beautiful beaches, caves and cliffs, it is truly an incredible place.

You can stay in one of the local bays (Cala Guidi, Scirocco wind, La Mezzaluna, Capo Sandalo, Mistral wind, etc.) and go ashore to admire the local beauty up close.

After exploring the island, you can anchor in one of the local coves, or return to Sardinia for the night.


On the fourth day we make a U-turn towards the capital of Sardinia, Cagliari. And the next stop on our way is the port of Torre Cannai, where you can have lunch. You will spend the night at anchor in the enchanting Porto Pino Bay.

Here you can buy fresh fish from fishermen and dine in one of the local cafes and restaurants, they are abundant in the town itself and on the beach.

Porto Pino Bay is about six kilometers of white sand beach and the largest dunes in Europe. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of taking a romantic stroll around these places.


The next day we leave from PORTO PINO and in half an hour we make another stop at Teulada Bay.

Here you can sunbathe and swim at the famous local beach, Cala Zafferano. White sand, crystal clear waters and enchanting landscapes of the unspoiled Mediterranean, what could be better?

You can choose from other bays nearby, such as Cala di Porto Scudo and Cala di S’Ortixeddu. In the evening we leave for the port of Teulada, there will be water, electricity, shower and bar. In the evening, we suggest you visit one of the local restaurants and taste the taste of Sardinia.


In the morning we head to Tuaredda Beach in Malfatano Bay, where you can swim and sunbathe. The next point of our trip is the town of Chia, here you will find a long beach with beautiful white sand.

We recommend that you anchor near Su Jew Island. After that, we sail along the coast to the east, we will spend the night at anchor off the coast of Capo di Pula.

DAY 7: PULA- CAGLIARI (20 miles)

So, we will spend our seventh day of travel in PULA Bay, you can walk on the local beach until lunchtime. In addition to white sand and rocks, here you will find the ruins of the old Coltellazzo tower and other traces of ancient civilizations, you will remember this place, that’s for sure!

PULA Bay is surrounded by a promontory and cliffs and is therefore sheltered from the wind, making sunbathing a pleasure. Here you can also go swimming or scuba diving, or go underwater fishing.

The beach is open only from the sea side, so it is never crowded here.

Day 8

Arrival at the port of Cagliari and the end of our one week yacht tour around Sardinia. Airport transfer.

Included in the price of a weekly tour:

  • Yacht charter for 8 days and 7 nights,
  • Stop for the first and last night at the port.

Additionally paid:

  • Parking in the bays.
  • Cleaning.
  • Nutrition.
  • Deposit.
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