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Safety regulations on the yacht

November 19, 2021

Safety regulations on the yacht. While on a yacht, you should follow certain safety regulations in order to make your stay on board not only comfortable, but also calm both for yourself and for other guests.

  • Always follow the recommendations and commands of the captain. Unconditionally follow the instructions and advice of both the captain of the vessel and the specially trained crew.
  • Do not walk on the deck in shoes that are not intended for this. This is especially true of high heels or platform. Next to the ladder should change shoes in special shoes, yacht. Walking barefoot is not recommended in order to comply with hygienic standards.
  • Do not become, do not sit down and do not climb on the mast, relengu or raer.
  • Carefully ensure that there are no limbs, clothing or other objects between the rope and the winch drum.
  • When raising or lowering the anchor, be careful that the limbs do not fall under the chain of the anchor or the spire of its winch.
  • When working with halyards and sheets, use special gloves for the yacht.
  • Walking on the tank in a dark period of time or in bad weather is not recommended. In case this is necessary, walking is possible only by a storm rope, in a lifejacket and with the use of a storm belt.
  • If you are in the cockpit in bad weather conditions, you should also wear a storm belt and stay in a life jacket all the time.
  • When mooring a yacht, it is forbidden to hang the limbs off the side of the board; during restraining, it is necessary to use only standard fenders or hooks-chippers.
  • Handle electrical appliances carefully! Electric sockets, gas stove and other appliances require careful use during their stay on board. Make sure that while cooking the gas burner does not go out because of the wind. If you smell gas, immediately inform the captain or the assistant on watch.
  • Before starting a trip on a yacht, find out where the fire extinguisher is and learn how to use it.
  • Carefully cook the food on the vessel being moved! Avoid using glassware, loose containers, and sharp knives.
  • Use hot water carefully, otherwise you may burn yourself. First, open the cold water tap and only then adjust the pressure to the desired hot water temperature.
  • Do not open the engine compartment while the engine is running! It is life threatening.
  • The toilet should be used correctly: first, the checkbox from “Dry” to “Wet” is switched, the manual pump that fills the toilet with water is pumped over, then the flag is again transferred from “Wet” to “Dry”, and the water is pumped out. You can repeat these actions several times. After using the restroom, the flag is left at the “Dry” mark.
  • It is forbidden to throw paper, cotton, personal hygiene items and any other foreign objects into the toilet. All garbage should be thrown away only in a special bucket.
  • Before using the shower, make sure that all pumps that are responsible for the supply and pumping of water from the shower tray are turned on.
  • If something is spilled on the deck, wipe the spilled liquid immediately. Left slippery inside of the yacht can cause injury to passengers staying on board.
  • In case of unexpected termination of water during its use, you should immediately inform about this watch, having previously closed the tap. Water flow is monitored by meter.
  • Do not jump from the board into the water! Neither at night, nor on the ship.
  • Do not take a caught animal into unprotected hands during fishing, this can be dangerous. While swimming, beware of jellyfish, sea urchins. At the entrance to the water you need to wear slippers for swimming.
  • Beware of sun and heat shock. Be careful: sunburn may occur during an open boat trip. Take it with you and use sunscreen, a hat and glasses on board to protect yourself from overheating.
  • When using the dinghy, the motor of which is suspended, beware of its screw.
  • Do not refuel the fuel and water yourself! Only under the supervision of a captain or watch.
  • When descending from the yacht to the shore, be sure to notify the captain or watch.
  • Know where your personal life jacket is and how to use it.
  • Minors travel accompanied by parents who are responsible for the implementation of these rules by children.
  • If there are people on board who cannot swim, the captain is notified of this before the release to the water.
  • If you feel unwell, sick or injured, immediately tell the captain or the watch.

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