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What should be considered when choosing a plane

August 26, 2021

For the flight was pleasant, you need comfort and comfort on board.

There are several classes of aircraft:

  • turboprop;
  • small;
  • medium size;
  • large ships;
  • VIP liners.

For the selection of a suitable option, you can consult with our experts. Upgraded models, made in accordance with international standards for the latest technology, designed by designers, with polite service personnel – the characteristics of each of them.

To make the right choice, the most suitable for a particular client, you should pay attention to some of the parameters of liners.

1. Dimensions of the cabin.

When making a short-term flight, the dimensions of the cabin are not so significant, however, when it is necessary to remain in the air for a day or more in series, it is very important how much space there will be. For a long journey created models with more than three meters in height and more than four in width.

In such liners you can sit as you please the child and the adult – sitting, lying, even standing at full height.

There are also small vessels – up to 130 cm in height and up to 1.5 m in width, but they are usually used for short distances.

2. Luggage compartment area

For a business meeting, the size of the luggage compartment does not matter, since the necessary valuable documents of the passengers are always with you. Whether it’s a trip to rest. In this case, in the luggage can be anything – skis, surfboard, fishing gear. Huge bags are not at all handy under your feet during the flight.

Therefore, when planning this kind of trip, preference should be given to the model with a large cargo hold. Our consultants always clarify this issue when making a trip.

3. The number of passengers.

It is necessary to understand, the greater the number of travelers in the cabin, the larger the size of the liner. The number of passengers is an important criterion when choosing aircraft. For example, a business jet, designed for the flight of eight people, will not be able to accommodate 10 or 12 people, regardless of whether they are adults or children.

Due to the existing rules of transportation, the company cannot assume such responsibility and guarantee the safety of the flight, violating the norms.

4. Travel distance without refueling.

To fly without additional refueling is not only time, but also money. Transcontinental travel involves flights across the ocean, so the plane should be chosen such that he could make such maneuvers.

5. Dimensions and onboard equipment.

Indeed, VIP aviation provides an opportunity to request landing at any airport in the world, but a huge vessel cannot be landed on a small platform. To avoid such incidents, it is necessary to specify in advance the information about the size of the aircraft and the variation of its on-board equipment from the company’s manager.

6. Landing on the ground or small runway.

It is important to clarify the possibility of the type of liner you choose to take off and land from the desired airport. Not all of them have the same runways.

7. Reactivity and speed.

As a rule, the time that the passenger will be airborne depends on the speed of the aircraft. Different models of liners have their dimensions and speed. Depending on how quickly you need to get from one point to another, and the choice will be made model aircraft.

8. Additional range of services.

VIP aviation has the highest level of comfort and service among the existing flight options. You can book a standard flight, but if necessary, additional services are available to the passenger: video equipment, a special menu, hot lunches, children’s entertainment.

Special conditions for comfort are also available – sleeping beds, rooms for children of different ages, a bar.

If desired, we can organize any whim of the client, depending on the chosen model of the aircraft. In the abundance of existing options it is difficult to determine the choice of aircraft.

To do this, it is better to contact the competent manager of the company Sparks. Having explained to him all your wishes, you will receive the model of the liner, which is able to satisfy all your needs and wishes.

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