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Yacht Charter in Cyprus

August 22, 2021

Yacht Charter in Cyprus is an opportunity to see new, interesting places and have a good rest in the Mediterranean. When planning your trip, you should pay attention to the fact that:

  • Cyprus is an island state located in the Eastern Mediterranean at the junction of 3 continents;
  • the island itself is divided into 2 parts: North and South Cyprus;
  • Southern Cyprus, for the most part, is inhabited by the Greeks, and Northern (unrecognized) by the Turks.

When renting a yacht on this island, you must remember that Southern and Northern Cyprus are not very friendly towards each other, so you can only travel on a yacht on the southern coast.

If you want to visit Northern Cyprus, then you need to start a charter from Turkey so that there are no conflicts. Otherwise, if you visit North Cyprus, but then return to South Cyprus, you may experience some difficulties.

The coast of Cyprus was repeatedly awarded by the European Union for perfect cleanliness and well-developed beach infrastructure. If you rent a yacht in Cyprus, you can easily explore Greece or Turkey, sailing on a boat on your own or with an experienced crew.

The largest resorts in Southern Cyprus:

  • Larnaca;
  • Pathos;
  • Limassol;
  • Ayia Napa;
  • Protaras.

Every vacationer will find a place to their liking. Ayay-Napa is often compared to Ibiza (Spain) due to the large number of parties, clubs and other attributes of nightlife.Protaras and Paphos are quieter places where you can relax with the whole family.

By the way, Paphos is included in the UNESCO list. In addition, the resort is famous for its bay, where, according to myths, the Greek goddess Aphrodite appeared from the sea foam.

Yachts in Cyprus are interesting and diverse, because they were created in different eras and under the influence of such dissimilar cultures. If you rent a yacht in Cyprus, you can see artifacts found in the Stone Age, Greek temples, Roman theaters, Byzantium castles (for example, Kolossi Castle, where Isaac Comnenus hid from the Crusaders), old churches.

There are also many architectural monuments that will immerse you in the Italian atmosphere.

Renting a yacht in Cyprus is not only a trip to new places, but also wonderful gifts both for yourself and for loved ones. Here you can buy a souvenir. Cyprus is famous for its local images and sculptures, handmade ceramics, lace, jewelery and much more that can be found on the shelves of local shops.

In Cyprus, you can walk well, not only at night. Lovers of carnivals, wine festivals, local fairs and festivals will find an event that they will definitely enjoy.

Select the query “yacht rental in Cyprus” and we will be happy to select a yacht and route for you, even if you are the most demanding traveler. If you have plans to rent a yacht in Cyprus – contact with us in any way convenient for you or book a swimming facility directly on our website.

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