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Yacht tour Croatia – the heart of the Adriatic

Dates 03.08 - 10.08.2023
Number of days 7
Participants in the group up to 8

Experiences awaiting you:

Water activities
Gentle Adriatic sea
Picturesque bays
The freshest seafood
Stiniva Beach on the island of Vis
Walking through the ancient streets


Day 1


Arrival at the airport split, all participants get by public transport or ordered transfer to the yacht marina.

We check into the yacht around 17:00. The participants of the tour make a joint purchase of products, the captain conducts a safety briefing and, depending on the time, we either stay for the night in the marina or go to the sea to the parking lot “under the stars”.

Split is the second largest city and the central resort of Croatia, located between the cities of Dubrovnik and Zadar, dividing Dalmatia into two parts.

Here, architectural monuments from the 15th century stand next to modern buildings made of glass and concrete, and the ancient town square is surrounded by modern boutiques. By the way, the historic center of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Sights of Split: Diocletian’s Palace, Cathedral of St. Domnius, Peristyle – a palace building of the Roman era, Temple of Jupiter, ruins of Roman Salona, Cathedral, Golden and Silver Gates. You should definitely see the Plitvice Lakes National Park, as well as the Kornati or Krk parks.

Day 2

Split – Solta – Vis

In the morning we set off towards the island of Solta – the island of Illyrian legends, ancient fish ponds, rich maritime tradition and virgin nature.

The ruins of ancient Roman buildings in the bay of Nechuyam and Rodachi have been preserved on the island. Benedictine monastery near Stomorsk, the oldest settlement of the island – the village of Grohot with old houses, a small castle of the Marchi family, built in the 18th century, located in Maslinitsa, now it is a luxury boutique hotel Martinis-Marchi.

Visitors will also find many secluded bays, as well as walks through the Mediterranean forest, which will lead you to the highest point, Velaya Guard (237 m). Among the virgin nature, the symbol of this small island is hidden – a sensitive, small owl, whose voice sometimes breaks the silence of the Sholtan night.

We will go to the island of Vis for the night.

Day 3

Vis – Vela Luka

After breakfast we set off for a walk around the island of Vis.

This is a small island, located the most remote from the mainland compared to other islands. There are many beaches on the island for every taste: both equipped, with developed infrastructure, and lonely, wild.

The city has preserved significant historical buildings, and its indisputable dominant is the Franciscan Monastery. In the vicinity of Vis, it is worth visiting the ruins of the ancient Greek colony of Issa, which have survived to this day.

Not far from the city are the ruins of fortifications from the reign of Venice. Of particular interest is the Blue Cave Modra spilja, located on a small islet of Bisevo near Komiž, with a unique illuminated grotto.

After walking a lot, we go to the island of Vela Luka, and immediately we will stay for the night.

Day 4

Vela Luka – Lastovo

Today our trip continues on the island of Korcula in the picturesque town of Velo Luka.

Velaja Luka is the largest town on the island of Korcula. It is located on the western side, in the middle of a nine-kilometer bay, which is a safe port for sailors.

At the very entrance to the bay, on a small island, there is the most beautiful beach of the Adriatic according to the British edition of the Daily Telegraph. A significant part of the island is covered with pine forests.

If you want to enjoy the cultural and historical features of this port city, we highly recommend taking a stroll through the city center. Here you will see the parish church of St. Joseph (Saint Joseph), built in 1848.

The cultural center houses the old Franulovich Repak Palace, where you can visit museums, exhibitions and galleries. The culinary diversity of this city consists not only of fresh fish, but also specialties made from figs and citrus fruits, as well as wine and olives – olives are one of the most important crops in Vela Luka.

We definitely recommend trying it in one of the local restaurants. To the north of the city you will find the cave Vela spilja (Big Grotto), inhabited over 20,000 years ago. Archaeological finds, such as pottery, testify to the early settlement of the region.

During the high season, many visitors are attracted by excellent beaches and hidden coves. It is here that you will find great places for diving and snorkeling.

Vacationers can also enjoy hiking or cycling through the vineyards and olive groves.
Also in summer, on the streets of Vela Luka, the knightly game “moreshka” is held, known since the 15th century, but preserved only in Croatia to this day.

Annually on June 24, a regatta in honor of St. John is held, in July and August there are many concerts and exhibitions, fishing evenings, folklore and music events that you can unexpectedly get on our yacht tour.

Further on, our yacht tour continues south and the next point is the Lastovo archipelago. Overnight.

Day 5

Lastovo – Orebic

Wake up and enjoy the incredible views of the Lastovo archipelago.
It consists of 46 islands, but only Lastovo and Prezhba are inhabited.

The main attractions of the island are the Cathedral of Saints Cosmas and Damian, built in the 14th century. St. Vladius of Sevestia was built in the 12th century, the chapel of St. John was built in 1607.

There are more than 40 churches and chapels on the archipelago, but, unfortunately, many of them, unfortunately, have not survived to this day. In addition to temples, it is worth paying attention to the so-called fumars – an original island attraction that is not found anywhere else.

Fumars are original chimneys, similar in their contours to minarets.

Let’s move on to Orebic. We will stop here for the night.

Day 6

Orebic – Paklinski Islands – Hvar

Today is going to be a very busy day. We start from the point of view of the city of Orebic.

This is a city on the Pelješac peninsula, which is conveniently located at the foot of Mount St. Elijah, the highest point in the region. The Orebič Maritime Museum has a rich collection of ship models, paintings, old maps and navigational equipment.

The main attractions of Orebić are the Franciscan Monastery on Mount St. Elijah, which offers a magnificent view of the sea and nearby islands, and the Church of the Holy Virgin of the Angels from the 15th century with a park of citrus trees.

You can also visit the Church of the Virgin of Carmen or take a wine tour of the old cellars in the vicinity of Orebic.

After walking, we set off for the Paklinsky Islands.

They are a group of limestone islands and rocks in the Adriatic Sea. Located a few hundred meters south of the town of Hvar. In total, the archipelago includes 21 rocks and islands. The chain of islands is about 10 km long, and the highest point is 94 meters.

Sometimes these islands are called “hellish”. They received this interesting name in ancient times, when a special resin was brewed here to impregnate ship wood, and the islands were constantly filled with black smoke, which made them look like hell.

In addition, in Croatian, “tar” is spelled the same as “hellish”, which led to a massive error about the “Hell Islands”. Currently, the islands have become popular among lovers of diving, spearfishing and water sports.

We will go to the island of Hvar for the night.

Day 7

Hvar – Split

New day, new adventures. Exploring the city of Hvar.

It is surrounded by well-preserved massive medieval walls built in the 16th century. Its famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace and the largest central city square in Croatia, called Piac, attract many tourists.

Another attraction of Hvar is the church and fortress of St. Mary, built in the 13th century in the town of Elsa on the northern coast of the island.

It is interesting to visit another historical town of Stary Grad on the northwestern coast of Hvar. Here you can see perfectly preserved ancient Roman bas-reliefs and mosaics, as well as visit the early Christian church of St. John.

By 17:00 we should arrive at the yacht marina of Split, where we will have a farewell party and the last night on board the yacht.

Day 8


At 9:00, we leave the yacht and drive to the airport with a bunch of unforgettable emotions, a phone filled with beautiful photos and a little sadness that our sea trip is over.

Nevertheless, we look forward to seeing you on your next yacht tour!

The tour accompanies



  • Captain of the highest yachting category. Top skipper of Sparks Life✨
  • Sailing since 1986, his hobbies are diving and surfing.
  • Very familiar with the waters of the Mediterranean (Turkey, Greece), the Adriatic (Montenegro, Croatia) and the Caribbean.
  • A professional and at the same time, a charismatic, cheerful skipper, “The soul of the company”
  • It can easily rally strangers on board the yacht and by the end of the tour it is already a “marine family” that does not want to leave.
  • Yacht Experience: Over 5,000 NM
  • Speaks English, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian.


*all costs are calculated for one week per person with the recruited crew up to 8 persons


  • a place in a comfortable 2-berth cabin
  • Group Airport Transfer (As long as most of the participants arrive at the same time)
  • professional skipper (captain)
  • extra motor boat (dinghy) for landing
  • bed linen and towel set (bath/hand)
  • WiFi access on board
  • water activities: SUP board, snorkel kits (mask+fins)
  • Yacht final cleaning, transit log, insurance

Additionally paid:

  • Flight to Split Airport
  • purchasing food, parking in marinas, refueling (from 300 euros per person per week)
  • tourist tax (€10 per person per week)
  • Yacht security deposit = 315 euros per participant (paid in cash and returned at the end of the tour)
*If the yacht has not been damaged by the team during the trip, the insurance deposit is returned to each participant in full.
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The tour program and the sequence of locations along the route may change at the captain's discretion in accordance with weather conditions and for the safety of the crew.

Frequently asked questions

Can I go on a tour alone if I have no company?

Yes, of course. You have the opportunity to join a group tour and book a cabin for two people or one place in a double cabin based on gender. We have a lot of people who travel alone because it’s a great way to meet new cool people who are just as charged with adventure and unforgettable experiences.

Can I choose a cabin on the tour?

If you are one of the first to book, then you have the opportunity to book the desired cabin for yourself. The rest of the cabins are distributed among the participants according to the order of booking.

Does the tour price include yacht insurance?

All yachts rented by charter companies are insured.

What is a yacht deposit and why is it required?

The charter company needs to be sure that you will not damage the expensive yacht you have rented, and if you do, you will reimburse the cost of repairs. For this purpose, the team is charged a security deposit, which is refunded in full if the week has passed without any breakdowns. If you break any part of the yacht, equipment, or cause physical damage to the boat and are unable to fix it, the amount for repairs will be deducted from the deposit. The amount of the security deposit is always distributed equally among all team members on board.

What should I do if I get seasick and feel sick?

99% of people on the planet feel motion sickness on the 1st day of boarding because the vestibular system of a healthy person has to adapt to new conditions. Throughout the week, you will feel comfortable and adapted to the waves because we create routes where the waters are predictable and calm. However, in case of client’s anxiety, we always recommend that you take anti-seasickness pills (dramamine) with you, just in case. In addition to the pills, our captains have several effective life hacks that work perfectly every time, so put aside all your worries and get ready for the trip.

I don't know how to swim. Can I go on a yacht?

Yes, of course you can. Each yacht has life jackets for swimming, and the skipper will take you to and from the shore by boat whenever you need it.

Are there any age restrictions?

The average age of our yacht tour participants is from 25 to 45. We also have group family tours, where children from 5 years old also take part.

Is there Wi-Fi on the yacht?

Almost all Sparks Life routes are not far from the shore, and the phone confidently catches the connection and the Internet almost all the time. Also, almost every side of the yacht is additionally equipped with a WiFi router. Check the conditions with us in advance.

Who will be in the team? How do I meet the Captain?

Sparks Life yacht tours are given to those who booked the fastest because the number of seats on board is always limited. These are always active and very interesting people, with different professions, prosthetics, and a common thirst for new adventures and emotions. The average age of the team is from 25 to 37 years. A week before the tour, we add all the participants to the team’s general chat, where they can get acquainted with the rest of the team and the captain.

How much time will we spend at sea and how much on land?

Usually, our routes are designed so that we have the opportunity to moor every evening in the marinas of different cities and islands. But if you want a more wild and secluded vacation, you can stop in deserted bays for the night and enjoy the sea and nature around you, without any fuss. Every day we go along a planned route, where we make stops for swimming, riding on hoes/kayaks, diving with flippers and masks in the open sea. We arrive at a new bay in the afternoon, in the late afternoon, and go sightseeing. Every day we have a new city and very often a sightseeing program is planned on the shore (with free time). It can be scooter/bike riding, a city walk, wine tasting, or a reserved table at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

What are the amenities on the yacht?

Our tours always feature yachts no older than 5 years. Each yacht has 3 or 4 double cabins, a shower, and a toilet. A full kitchen. Additional refrigerator for sparkling wine. There is a place on board for sunbathing and parties at sunset, which allows you to fully enjoy the sails and the sea. And if you’re lucky enough to get to the destinations where Sparks Life organizes a catamaran tour, you will feel what a real luxury vacation is.

What city do you depart from?

You can join us from any city. We will guide you to the place and time of gathering at the yacht marina. We can also help you find a convenient flight and organize a transfer from the airport to the yacht.

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