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Giraglia Rolex Cup Regatta

August 22, 2021

The annual Giraglia Rolex Cup regatta is one of the most prestigious events in yachting. It has been held since 1953. in June Yacht Club Italiano. Hundreds of participants from all over the world come here to get a great experience, to work out the strategy and practice of behavior at the helm in various conditions. It is a totally immersive event with unexpected atmospheres, great wrestling sports and an unrivaled level of organization.

More than two hundred ships take part in the competition every year. Quite recently, a kind of record was registered – the number of yachts exceeded three hundred, and the crews were from 18 countries. Sailing vessels of the following classes can participate in the competition:

  • IRC;
  • ORC;
  • racing Mini / Maxi;
  • cruise Mini / Maxi.
  • Choosing a yacht from Sparks Life

Sparks Life invites you to take part in this exciting regatta. For the competition we choose the Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 with the First Line configuration. The carbon mast and low keel will allow this yacht not only to take part in any regatta, but also to take leading prizes in it. In January 2019 she was named European Yacht of the Year at the Flagship Night in Düsseldorf. I must say that this is a kind of “Oscar” in the world of courts.

There are 4 cabins on board. The yacht is equipped with an extended mast and increased sails (our choice is Aramidsport sails, additional Spinnaker A3 and Code 0). Numerous modern, innovative details of the vessel give it additional comfort and increase speed.

Our team will be led by an experienced skipper, RYA / MCA licensed, whose crew has taken the podiums several times. Therefore, we have an excellent chance of winning!

Regatta program

Duration – from 11 to 19 June 2021.

Location – Saint-Tropez (France)

Day 1.

We arrive in San Remo (Italy). Registration for the competition will take place at the Yacht Club Italiano.

Day 2.

After preparation, the start of the night race from San Remo to Saint Tropez, lasting 60 miles.

Day 3.

Finish of the night race in Saint-Tropez.

Day 4.

First coastal regatta in Saint-Tropez.

Day 5.

Second coastal regatta in Saint-Tropez.

Day 6.

Third coastal regatta in Saint-Tropez.

Day 7.

Start of the offshore race from Saint-Tropez to Genoa (Italy).

Day 8.

Finish of the race in Genoa. Honorary ceremony of awarding the winners.

Day 9.

This morning we check in and leave the ship.

After each race, there are honorary awards ceremonies with intermediate prizes and exciting parties with live music. There you can relax, enjoy the most interesting communication, taste delicious food and drinks. At the end of the regatta, the main event awaits you – the award ceremony for the winners.

Conditions for participation in the competition

Experience is required to take part in the Giraglia Rolex Cup regatta. The level of preparation of the participants is average.

Price per person – 990EUR per seat.

The price includes:

  • accommodation on board in a cabin for 2 persons;
  • participation in the regatta under the guidance of a professional skipper;
  • registration fee.

Additional charge:

  • flight by air;
  • health insurance;
  • ship’s cash desk.

The journey starts in San Remo, ends in Genoa.

If necessary, the Sparks Life company provides you with assistance in choosing tickets and obtaining a visa.

Book your participation in the regatta now, do not miss the opportunity to compete in the race on a par with the world’s yachting elite!

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