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Yacht Charter in Norway

August 22, 2021

Yacht Charter in Norway

Norway is a Scandinavian country that combines pristine northern nature and impeccable service. Guests will be warmly welcomed even in a small port and, you can be sure, they will be sincerely happy there.

The Norwegian and North Seas wash the country rich in history and culture, allowing yacht lovers to enjoy plenty of water travel, which can be extended by sailing from Norway to Sweden, and Finland is just around the corner.

Norwegian fjords – the main attraction of the country. Fans of sailing on yachts will forever remember alluring bays of the Scandinavian country. Nature has worked hard over the landscape – it is truly amazing here. Bays, characterized by narrowness and depth, will surely please yachtsmen.

Yacht charter in Norway does not take place without traveling on the Sogne fjord – it is the deepest, and its length is as much as 200 kilometers.

Norway is the way to the north. You really should start your journey from the south to the north, because the landscape is changing drastically from one part of the country to another.

Rocky cliffs covered with forests, will not leave anyone indifferent, as well as the coastal fjords. Svalbardi and Svalbardi archipelago is ideal for an experienced yachtsman, and the Lofoten island is sure to appeal to a beginner who wants to start with something simple.

The Norwegian capital Oslo is the economic and cultural core of the state. Here you can visit:

  • famous galleries and art exhibitions, which often present the work of world masters;
  • concert halls, where you can get to the show with a million audience;
  • museums and historical monuments that will tell all about the history of this amazing country of the Vikings;
  • the residence of the royal family, in which you can see the conditions in which high-ranking officials of Norway lived.

Tromso, which is located in the north, is popular with tourists. Festivals are held here, gathering thousands of audiences, and the city also has a large number of architectural attractions.

Norwegians, like the Finns, take care of their country, its nature and ecology. That is why there are a lot of national parks, reserves, protected rivers and lakes in the state. Any coastal city has its own fish market, and if you get on it, it’s impossible to get out of there without trying the meat of Norwegian salmon or whale.

There are a lot of fish here. The catch of experienced fishermen is always large, so those who like fishing can safely go to Norway to enjoy their favorite thing. Here you can catch cod, haddock, sea bass, Atlantic salmon, halibut and other fish, which are very numerous.

In the Norwegian waters a large variety of marine life. Here, like in Finland, the warm Gulf Stream flows.

Many tourists come here to become the owners of a bronze tan, despite the fact that in the Scandinavian countries, people have pale skin. The beaches are open all year round, but the swimming and tanning season starts in May and ends in August. Norwegian beaches are of two types: from pebbles and sand.

Norway is a country that is distinguished by its stability. The way of life of the inhabitants of this state is significantly different from ours. By the way, here any entertainment that is associated with the use of natural resources are more expensive than in other countries.

This is due to clean air, transparent water bodies, untouched forests and quality products that are carefully grown and then sold to people.

Therefore, Norway is a country in which the rest fully justifies the money spent on accommodation and entertainment. To enjoy all this, contact our managers and the best yacht will be selected for your individual trip.

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