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Abandoned airports in the world – top 15

November 17, 2021

Once billions were spent on these buildings, but now they rust and crumble into dust. The company “Sparks Life” has collected for you 15 of the most amazing, expensive and even strange buildings scattered around the globe, called the airport. Let’s take a closer look at these once vibrant celestial marinas.

Castellon Costa Hazard

This airport is located in Spain and was opened in March 2011, just before the regional elections. Construction costing about 150 million euros. It immediately became a symbol of waste and corruption, since the operation of the air harbor was never approved by the government, and air carriers were in no hurry to sign up for landing. The initiator of the construction was local politician Carlos Fabra, who subsequently received 4 years in prison for tax fraud.

“Don Quixote”

Compared to this Spanish airport, Castellón Costa Azahar, with its 150 million, is just a grain of sand in the sea, because more than 1 billion euros were spent on this structure. Opened in 2009, this airport became the first international private airport in the country. The high-profile event was widely covered by the press, however, after only three years of operation, the airport was declared bankrupt. Now he is a real movie star, whose runways are widely popular with directors and producers. For example, it was here that one of the episodes of the famous “Top Gear” car show, the famous “Volvo” advertisement led by Jean-Claude Van Damme, and excerpts from the film by Pedro Almodovar were filmed.


This German airfield, located in the capital of the country, has become one of the memorable records in the history of the air fleet. It was here that the designer of the first aircraft, one of the Wright brothers, made his takeoffs. The first flight of the Lufthansa airline took off here. Throughout its life (from 1923 to 2008), the airport was an example for its largest “brethren” around the world. Now this urban legend of Berlin has become the famous National Park, and the terminals host various noisy parties and fashion shows.


It is now the capital of Great Britain boasting six huge airports, and exactly one hundred years ago in March it all started with Croydon. Here, in his youth, Winston Churchill studied air transport, and the record holder Charles Kingsford-Smith landed here. This building has survived two whole world wars and honorably provided a place of honor to Heathrow, Northolt and Gatwick. Now it is a favorite walking area for dog lovers. Residents and visitors of London love to play outdoor games here and just jog.

Nicosia International Airport

This air harbor was the main one in Cyprus, but when Turkish troops invaded the territory (in 1974), it ceased to accept commercial flights. Now the airport buildings are abundantly surrounded by barbed wire, aircraft are corroded on the territory, and birds are making nests in the premises. This is the United Nations staging area. Both Greece and Turkey are not allowed here.

Binbrook Air Force Base

Binbrook Air Base was active during the air battle for Britain in World War II. When the fighting was over, it was empty. In the late 80s of the last century, the base was closed and even slightly destroyed. Then it was used as a training ground, and the buildings on the territory of the base served as warehouses. At the beginning of the 90s, the airbase was turned into a cinema set for the filming of the film “Memphis Beauty”. Now the airport is closed, but he does not lose hope that some low-cost will choose it as a base.

Gaza Airport

This airport named after Yasser Arafat opened at the end of the last century. However, his life was very short. Three years after its opening, its control tower was bombed by the Israeli military. Now the airport runways are dug up by special equipment, and the remains of buildings are quietly dragged by the natives for construction purposes.

Stapleton airport

The airfield was opened in the late 1920s in Denver in the United States of America. In the 80s it became clear that the territory of the air harbor was not enough to accommodate all flights, and there was nowhere to expand it. Aboriginal people began to complain that it is located too close to the village and the hum of air transport prevents them from living. At the end of the last century, the airport was closed, and after a while it was badly battered by one of the hurricanes. Now on the site of the runways and terminals, where crowded people, cottages rise. Only the dispatcher’s tower remained from the former air base.

El Torro – Marine Base

Another movie star in the United States of America. It was here that the legendary Independence Day movie starring Will Smith was filmed. Ten years earlier, the location was used by director and lead actor Clint Eastwood. The tape is called “Pass of Broken Hearts”. In addition, the filming of the American Top Gear car show takes place here, and the airport itself is slowly becoming an entertainment center. Prior to pursuing a career in the film industry, El Torro was the permanent base of the US Marines’ No. 1 Aircraft.

Haleville, Shawengunk

This tiny airfield is located near New York. During World War II, there was an academy for pilots, and after the victory – an ordinary airport. At the end of the last century, it was closed as unnecessary, and after a while it was declared a protected area. Nowadays, green grass makes its way through the concrete of the runways, and instead of iron birds, eagles and hawks fly here.


This is a true “bad luck island”. It is located in the Pacific Ocean towards the west of Hawaii. In the 40s of the last century, it was attacked by Japanese submarines, about two decades later nuclear warheads were tested here, and until the beginning of our century there were real “cemeteries” of chemical weapons. It is not strange that visitors are not allowed here, and the airport itself ceased all work in 2005.


This airport is located in Montreal (Canada). 45 years ago, his loud discovery stirred the press. This air harbor was predicted to have a great future, due to its colossal size (about 400 km2), it was supposed to become the largest airport in the world. However, the poor territorial location played a cruel joke. Passengers and air carriers simply did not like it. Less than 14 years after the opening of the airport, most of the land was returned to the owners. In the early 2000s, it was used only for cargo transportation.
However, this did not stop him from becoming a world famous. He became one of the scenery in the film “Terminal” with Tom Hanks in the title role. It also hosts NASCAR car competitions and assembles the aircraft of the local concern.

Floyd Bennett Field

Floyd Bennett Field was once one of the largest in New York. Here the flight around the world of the pioneer of aviation Howard Hughes started and finished. Now the moments of former fame are in the distant past. Now there is a cozy city park, a favorite camping spot for the local residents.

Müller Municipal Airport

It has been adjacent to Austin, Texas since the late 1920s. In 1999, the local authorities rebuilt a new air harbor, and Robert Mueller Airport became redundant. Nowadays, residential buildings stand on the site of the runways and once stately buildings. Only the tower of the dispatcher reminds of the fact that earlier planes came to land here.


It was Hong Kong’s main airfield from the mid-20s to the late 90s of the last century. It was world famous for being surrounded by houses and high hills. Its runway with an interesting number 13 was famous for the difficulty of maneuvering. Now this air harbor is closed, and local authorities have long built a new airport away from the city.
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