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TOP of the best moorings

August 26, 2021

Porto Rotondo (Sardinia, Italy)

Porto Rotondo, located on the islands of Sardinia, a favorite among those who love to sail the sea on a yacht. It is located in a very beautiful and tempting part in the south of Cuniana Bay.

Unlike Porto Cervo, well-known to many navigators, which is located only 20 minutes away from the water, this pier is calm, clean, and ideal for relaxing with family.

Here you can visit many different interesting shops and cafes, restaurants, jewelry stores. Tiny areas for walking and relaxation – this is what they come here for. In Porto Rotondo you can relax on a boat or just in ordinary local establishments.

By the way, there are also two small beaches. Clean sand and warm sea – what else is needed for a pleasant pastime in the daytime?

What are the advantages for boats in Porto Rotondo

For any vessel, this pier is an ideal place to hide from strong wind. Porto Rotondo was built during the reign of the Roman Empire, and was intended as a strong, reliable port for Roman boats.

Today it accommodates 600 vehicles, is equipped with the necessary means of additional refueling and can act as a service for yacht maintenance, because Porto Rotondo provides all kinds of services necessary for ships.

Unfortunately, the prices here are not the lowest. The cost of almost all types of services will cost about the same as in the famous Porto Cervo.

Porto Rotondo guests – what are they?

Locals and campers love European fashion. It’s all the same as in Porto Cervo, but without excesses. The local girls and women wear Valentino skirts with a regular T-shirt or shirt, tied on the stomach, along with gladiator-style sandals. In Porto Rotondo you can make serious and high-quality purchases both for yourself and as a gift.

Here you can buy gifts for yourself and loved ones. In the very center of the port is the square of Kvadra where clothes from Versace, Prada and Cavalli are sold.

Port Grimaud (Cote d’Azur, France)

If you spend 20 minutes by car to the west of Saint-Tropez, you can see the Provencal port of Grimaud. Here one will find a place who is not used to noisy companies and parties, but prefers a calm, homely atmosphere and family rest. Here you will find typical fishing houses and narrow, cozy streets that are very different from the noisy and pompous Saint-Tropez.

This port is built on the swamp of the river Giscle. Locals call Grimaud “water village”, because it is impossible to reach it by car – only by boat or on foot. But besides all this, there are many bars, cozy restaurants and a whole maze of shopping malls.

Advantages for boats

Marina is designed for small vessels up to 24 meters. There are good prices for overexposure and related services. In addition, a berth will cost three times.   cheaper than the grand and expensive Saint-Tropez.

The most popular place is located next to a large church located in the heart of the city. It is profitable for a berth manager to engage in such a business, because there are shops and markets nearby that will be visited by vacationers.

Who would love the port of Grimaud?

Grimaud and Saint-Tropez are the absolute opposites. If in Saint-Tropez you will be greeted with loud music, delicious alcoholic drinks and invitations to the disco bar, then in Grimaud everything is completely different.Here reigns more homely, calm atmosphere.

If you are not a fan of large, noisy companies, and want to spend time alone or with your family – you should definitely visit this port.

In the evenings there is a whole lot of boats waiting to enter. Go to the port of the yacht until 5 pm can not. Do not forget to have dinner at Le Petit Joseph and Who’s who of Saint-Tropez, and also visit the newly built Le Jardin institution, located inside the lighthouse. You can reserve a table there in advance, because there are almost always many people there.

You can also book a nice room with a view of the marina and their limits: the viewing angle opens up to 360 degrees.

Puerto Portals (Mallorca, Spain)

The coast of Majorca with its crystal clear water is the place that will be the perfect shelter for a pleasant stay. Here you can not just take a walk, but also go shopping, order a delicious lunch and visit a beauty salon, go for a massage or do a cosmetology procedure.

It is noteworthy that early in the morning from the shore or the window of the room you can see men hovering near their boats with golf clubs. Puerto Portals is a place that exudes chic and glitter. It will appeal to those who love relative calm and safety while traveling.

If you decide to spend your holidays alone, with your loved one and your whole family – you need to go to Majorca, in Puerto Portals. This place is different from Puerto Banus, where lovers of super yachts gather and in a noisy company have fun in the port area. A stylish marina is calling for all travel lovers!

Advantages for boats

Puerto Portals is designed for 600 boats. The moorings are safe here, and the services provided by experts are elite, but reliable. Basically, those who have a lot of money for a similar service come here.

What kind of guests you can meet in Puerto Portals

This pier often sees honored guests in the form of men dressed in exquisite shirts and shorts. Resting girls and women walk in white pants and loose blouses. Local vacationers – restrained, intelligent people of different ages. Here visited Bill Gates, Jenson Button, Paris Hilton and other famous personalities.

Useful advice

If you decide to relax in this beautiful place – visit the Cola Portals Nous. This is a small sandy bay, which is monitored and protected. You can rent an umbrella and a chaise lounge to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the warm sea.

Port of Miami (Florida, United States)

In the modern world it is not customary to consider Miami as a pompous port. But, nevertheless, lovers of travel on yachts define the port of Miami as one of the best locations where you can easily moor without any problems.

The star of the east coast is gorgeous: its continuous improvement and the Latin tone is impressive, and the number of entertainment venues you can visit will not leave anyone indifferent.

In Miami, a whole year sun. Rainy weather is a rarity, so you can come here in any season.

You can use this port as a hotel for a boat, while you yourself can go to the city and visit a huge number of establishments, taste delicious food, see the expositions in galleries and buy something interesting in the shopping center. Miami also has golf courses!

Advantages for boats

The port in Miami takes boats of any size, even the largest and most expensive. Experts will offer you a service that you could only dream of! Miami is a great place for a yacht, even in the winter season.

Marina One Island Park and Island Gardens were built for the location of super yachts aside from merchant ships and huge cruise yachts. These marinas will gladly accept your yacht and become a home for it.

On Friday, a large number of ships sailing in a short cruise to the Bahamas. You can also get to the paradise island of Exuma and spend your holidays there alone or with a loved one.

Who can be met in Miami

In Miami, rest representatives of any nationality. Here you can meet lovers of good, cozy atmosphere and sunny weather. Here you can find a place for young people who prefer nightclubs and disco-bars, as well as elderly connoisseurs of restaurants serving delicious dishes. The exception is boring vacationers, a contingent who never likes anything.

Visitors tend to choose attractions depending on the season. In December, the Basel art fair is held, and it was at this time in Miami that most fans of his works. In the spring there are a lot of tennis players who come to Key Biscayne for the Miami Open – an open tennis tournament.

During this festive event, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Kimberly Kardashian West, Elle Macpherson and other stars were invited.

Useful advice

In the shopping center of the bay you can visit the grand ball. Depending on the weather, the event is held under the open or closed sky.

This is almost like Rodeo Drive, which presents the latest and most popular models of chic and glamorous things from famous designers and jewelers. For example, here you can find the work of Harry Winston and Charlotte Olympia. Get detailed advice.

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