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Aircraft rental – private aviation

August 23, 2021

Private aviation is showing strong growth and high demand. This is driving growth across all segments of the industry, including the production, rental and sale of private jets. The largest air show conference in Latin America (LABACE) kicks off this August. The event will feature the most popular private jets that combine style and comfort. Business aviation is becoming an integral part of the modern world.

HondaJet Elite
The aircraft brings together the best of Honda Aircraft’s aviation designs. Features over-wing engine mount configuration, composite fuselage, nose and wing of the fuselage in Natural Laminar Flow dynamics, advanced technologies allow to increase flight duration and reduce noise.

Garmin G3000 instrument and avionics system – a new standard in the field of interface and safety (private aviation). The ergonomic design of the seats and the location of the dashboard allows you to observe the actions of the pilot and passenger from all sides.

Cabin amenities include a separate toilet, fully stocked galley, executive leather seats, Wi-Fi on board.

Cost – $ 5.25 million.

Embraer Phenom 300E
Light jet aircraft of the Brazilian company Embraer. The most popular model in Europe, Latin America and the USA. The cabin can accommodate 7-9 passengers. The average flight range is up to 2000 km.

Power comes from a pair of Canadian Pratt & Whitney PW535-E turbofan engines.

Embraer offers its clients a branded air staircase and enlarged windows. The Oval Lite’s 5-meter cabin offers more aisle space and improved seat cushioning. The individual lounges have been developed in collaboration with Lufthansa.

The cockpit is equipped with the advanced Prodigy Touch Flight Deck system. Avionics improves flight information awareness.

Cost – $ 9.45 million.

Gulfstream G650ER
An updated model of the legendary Gulfstream G650 business jet. The aircraft covers more than 13 thousand km. In April 2019, the G650ER set the record for the longest non-stop flight, flying 15,518 km. from Singapore to Tucson.

It can carry up to 19 passengers and two crew members.

For maximum natural light, the cabin has 16 large cab windows. The salon is divided into zones for work, lunch, entertainment and relaxation. For added comfort, each armchair and sofa has a folding system.

PlaneView II’s streamlined cockpit displays improve safety and reduce pilot workload. The model has passed steep approach certification and is equipped with an Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS). Landing Prediction System prevents skidding on the runway.

The Gulfstream G650ER will cost approximately $ 70.1 million.

For $ 2 million, the manufacturer offers an upgrade service for a standard Gulfstream G650.

Cessna Citation Longitude
The aircraft has been produced by Cessna since 2017. The salon can accommodate up to 9 passengers. The luggage compartment has 16 seats.

The maximum flight distance is up to 6000 km. in normal weather conditions.

14 large windows provide natural light to the interior. The LED lighting is wirelessly controlled. SiriusXM and moving maps add variety to your flight.

For a comfortable flight, the cabin is equipped with sliding / swivel / reclining wide seats. Increased legroom. Standard equipment includes 4 seats on each side and one stewardess chair. You can order a model with a sofa. Each seat has 2 USB charging ports and a side compartment for personal items.

The price of the Cessna Citation Longitude is $ 25-35 million, depending on the configuration.

Bombardier Challenger 350

One of the best-selling business jets of the last decade. Its advanced acoustic system makes the Bombardier Challenger 350 the quietest aircraft of its kind.

Honeywell HTF7350 turbines provide a maximum flight range of 5900 km. when the cabin is fully loaded.

The flight is controlled by the Collins Aerospace display. Modifications to the braking and steering systems allow takeoff and landing on shorter runways. The touch control of navigation and communication systems is equipped with the GARMIN G5000 system.

The salon is equipped with wide ergonomic seats. The Bombardier electronic system allows you to connect to devices for work and leisure. 4G connectivity keeps you connected.

Cost – $ 27 million.

Pilatus PC-24
A unique model that combines the versatility of a turboprop aircraft with cabin size and performance. The maneuverability of the jet on short (up to 900 m.) And unpaved runways emphasizes its features.

The Pilatus salon offers the possibility of a quick changeover. Each passenger seat can be removed or reinstalled in seconds. A movable bulkhead between the passenger compartment and the stern allows the usable volume to be increased or decreased for each flight.

The cockpit is equipped with 4 12-inch monitors. The Inertial Reference System (IRS) ensures the reliability and accuracy of altitude and navigation data. The Pilatus ACE system includes low visibility flight control, thrust control, flight planning, collision avoidance system (TCAS II).

Cost – $ 9 million.

The company offers a full range of business aviation services: renting or buying a business jet, organizing a charter flight, catering on board, preparing meetings and coffee breaks. Professional brokers will advise on model selection and purchase of a private jet. Experienced lawyers will prepare the documentation. Service quality helps to maintain a leading position in the private air travel industry.

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