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TOP popular yachts of the Mediterranean

August 22, 2021

What yacht can you meet, rent or buy in the Mediterranean? Cote d’Azur is considered a place where you can easily buy or rent a swimming facility for every taste and color. Some yachts are sold quite cheap!

Many travel lovers know that acquiring a ship in Nice, Marseilles or Cannes is a legally simple process, especially if you have a reputable broker working with a buyer and a seller.

We will tell you what Turkish gulets and catamarans are, what their advantages are, for what purposes a vehicle can be used. You will also learn which yachts can be rented with an experienced team and captain to enjoy the original and unforgettable walk to the full force.

Sailing yachts

In recent years, sailing yachts are becoming increasingly popular. They are chosen by lovers of safe and comfortable rest on the water. On a yacht with a length of 18 meters can accommodate a large company in the amount of 10 people. When choosing a vehicle, first determine the length of the vessel and the number of occupied places.

Double cabins in sailing yachts are comfortable, equipped with everything necessary for a short and rather long journey afloat. Sailing yachts are distinguished by technical equipment and operational characteristics. It is better to choose a ship under 10 years old – they are the safest.

Monohull sailing yachts

A small single-hull motor yacht is perfect for a short trip with friends or relatives. These boats are used during water races. The best sailing vessels are produced by the companies “Beneteau”, “Bavaria” and “Jeanneau”, which have a good reputation in the sale and rental of sailing yachts.

Usually such vessels have 2-4 cabins and a large saloon. On a yacht with a length of 15 meters, up to 8 people can rest easy.

Multicase sailing yachts

Trimarans and catamarans are the most popular multi-hull sailing yachts used to navigate the coast. They are much easier to rent, besides, this type of vessel is ideal for a large company.

These boats are comfortable, there is a lot of space in them, moreover, the vehicle on the waves does not sway so much – this is an advantage if there are people suffering from seasickness on board . Catamarans with a length of 50 feet and more are rented along with the crew and captain of the vessel.

You just have to enjoy the walk, without worrying about management at all – name the course and relax with people close to you.

Small models can be used as an independent charter, they are often given unaccompanied. Catamarans are stable and well maneuvering afloat, so you can choose such a boat as a family, relaxing rest on the water.

Motor Yachts

Those who love speed and do not want to adapt to the nature, choose motor yachts, which have excellent data on capacity, handling characteristics and technical equipment.

The most famous and popular manufacturers of motor yachts are the companies Feadship, Sunseeker and Benetti, which provide the opportunity to buy a yacht or rent it for the duration of the trip.

Buying a yacht from one of these companies is the dream of any connoisseur of yachting. They are expensive, but their performance will not leave anyone indifferent. Such a vehicle afloat can be used during a cruise ride, on a one-day or multi-day trip along the Mediterranean coast.

Enjoy comfort, speed and scenic views from these yachts from Nice to Barcelona! Hire a motor yacht yourself or with a captain and a whole crew and go on your own journey.

Motor luxury mega-yachts with sails

It is necessary to define and tell about another category of luxury motor yachts, which are distinguished by their size and comfort. Swimming vehicles of this type combine a hotel on the water with a restaurant, swimming pool and other pleasures of civilizations, such as a spa, bowling alley, own club, etc.

Such yachts can often be found in the ports of Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Miami. Traveling on board of such a vessel is a real, comfortable rest with all the amenities.The equipped yacht according to the latest technology, cozy cabins, entertaining entertainment – all this will make the rest truly unforgettable.

Luxury motor mega-yachts are ideal for a family or romantic getaway. You can spend your honeymoon on it or celebrate your wedding anniversary – a small cruise on a sailing mega-yacht will be a wonderful gift for any occasion.


Gulets are sailing yachts that were previously very popular in Turkey. In fact, today this type of vehicle is still in great demand. Tourists who want to quickly get into the sea travel, purchase or rent two-masted sailing vessels.

They are stable, but do not have high running characteristics (their average speed is only 6 knots).

Luxury gulets are provided by charter companies along with the crew. The conditions for selecting a team are as follows: one member of the group must speak fluent English. Everything is created in the best way for the client, but it is better to clarify this question with the company’s manager.

The staff of our company will help determine the choice of the yacht and provide an opportunity to spend the holidays with “excellent”, providing the best service and a lot of pleasant impressions. Enjoy comfort, speed and scenic views from these yachts from Nice to Barcelona!

Hire a motor yacht yourself or with a captain and a whole crew and go on your own journey. Contact for details.

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TOP popular yachts of the Mediterranean

What yacht can you meet, rent or buy in the Mediterranean? Cote d’Azur is considered a place where you can easily buy or rent a swimming facility for every taste and color. Some yachts are sold quite cheap! Many travel lovers know that acquiring a ship in Nice, Marseilles or Cannes is a legally simple process, especially...
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