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Features of a holiday on a yacht in Montenegro

December 03, 2021

Montenegro is a small sea country with a comfortable climate and amazingly beautiful nature. It is located in Southeastern Europe and borders Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

The coastline is on the Adriatic Sea and is 293 kilometers long, which is ideal for sea cruises.

High mountains and medieval towns overlook the sea, and there are more than 120 beaches along the coast! Many tourists choose to vacation on a yacht in Montenegro, because here you can get peace and quiet, see a lot of incredible beauty of the scenery and get away from nature.

Why yacht in Montenegro is ideal for yachting

Montenegro is the best place for yachting. Beautiful nature, clean water, delicious local cuisine, friendly people – all this you will find in this fabulous country.

The advantage of a yacht vacation in Montenegro is the ideal weather conditions. On the Montenegrin coast the Mediterranean climate prevails. The average summer temperature is 27 C, which contributes to a pleasant warm rest.

This beautiful place has a highly developed infrastructure, a comfortable marina and a lot of yachts for rent. An important plus is also the fact that the prices here are much lower than in Europe.

Features of yachting in Montenegro

  • Travelling on a yacht in Montenegro has become a popular tourist attraction, which allows you to see the country from only the best angles. So what are the features of this type of recreation in Montenegro?
  • Seasonality. Montenegro’s high season for yachting is from May through September. Renting motor and sailing yachts and catamarans is still viable between early spring and late October, but storms and heavy rains are likely.
  • Optimum conditions. Absolutely all cities in Montenegro have their own marinas for yachts, which is quite convenient.

The best routes and places to visit. Here are the main ones:

  1. Kotor. A small town, relatively untouched by tourism and has a very authentic local charm. It is a separate pleasure to walk through the old town, rich in various fortresses, souvenir shops, beautiful beaches and old restaurants and bars.
  2. Budva. The most visited place in Montenegro, which fascinates with its Old Town with fortresses and ancient structures.
  3. Bar. A small town with a harbor, famous for its olive trees and coniferous forests, whose history goes back more than 2500 years. It is here where the largest market in the country, Topolitsa, is located.
  4. Tivat. The most popular superyacht marina Porto Montenegro, also known as Montenegro’s most ambitious project, is located here. It is luxurious, lush and magnificent. Many people come here to stroll around, eat seafood specialties and have their pictures taken against the backdrop of billionaire yachts in the background.
  5. There are thirteen islands in all. In the Adriatic Sea, there are over a dozen islands that are easily accessible by boat. Two of the most attractive are Flower Island near Tivat and St. Stefan Island.

Montenegro is one of the countries you must visit by yacht, because there are a large number of interesting places and routes. It is also a great way to break up your usual vacation and try something new. We invite you to go sailing in Montenegro with Sparks Life Worldwide!

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