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Airplane rental – how to plan a vacation

October 21, 2023

Airplane rental – how to plan a vacation? Modern aviation offers a large number of private flights, ranging from a lightweight airport to heavy ships and business airliners. Are you planning to spend a weekend playing golf with friends, or do you urgently need to get to a business lunch in another country?

We can offer a solution to any problems and provide the most suitable vessel.

Ultralight aircraft – Airplane rental – how to plan a vacation

This is one of the newest ships and is an excellent alternative to heavy aircraft used to organize short-term low-cost flights.

When is it used?

Operation of this type of aircraft is cheaper than similar vessels. For the flight does not require a long runway. This is the best option for solving problems with personal air transport or for organizing short transportation.

What distance is it designed for?

The average flight duration is a maximum of 1,500 mi.

Board Cessna Citation Mustang

Number of seats4
Flight range2160 km/1340 mi
Trunk1,77 m /5’10”
Side tightness
Speed633 km / h /390 mi /h
Flight duration2 h

Light ship – Airplane rental – how to plan a vacation

What is a light board?

These ships are designed for a small number of seats (up to 8) and are capable of short-term flights. Moving the cabin is prohibited, the bathroom is missing. Popular for business travel.

When will you need a light side?

On planes of this plan, 8 passenger seats and a roomy trunk are provided. A light ship is very economical, given that it can fly on long voyages.

What distance does it cover?

Light side can cover a distance of up to 2000 mi. This is an approximate route from the airport on Rhodes to the capital of Great Britain.

Board Cessna Citation CJ2

Number of seats6
Flight range2,862 km / 1777 mi
Trunk1.65 m / 5’5 “
Side tightness
Speed760 km / h / 472 mi / h
Flight Duration3 h

Medium Aircraft – Airplane rental – how to plan a vacation

What it is?

A medium-sized vessel accommodates 7-8 passengers, it has enough space for movement, but the toilet is closed. Such a board is designed for medium-duration flights.

What is it suitable for?

Due to the minimum operating costs, a roomy trunk and a folding chair, the board is popular for long trips.

Flight range

A medium-sized vessel covers a route of 2000-3000 mi, this is an approximate route from Munich to Dubai.

Medium-sized vessel Hawker 800XP

Number of seats8
Flight range14750 km /2936 mi
Trunk1,50 m / 5’0″
Air tightness+
Speed745 km / h / 462 mi /h
Flight duration≈  5 h

Heavy Jets – Airplane rental – how to plan a vacation

What is a jet jet?

This is an air car, designed for 18 air passengers, with a flight duration of more than 6 hours. Superjet is the best option for transcontinental flight. The large side provides for free movement and the presence of an equipped comfortable toilet. A cabin attendant is at the disposal of passengers.

What is a vessel suitable for?

This type of sideboard is provided with a spacious cabin, which accommodates many passengers, and a spacious luggage compartment.

Flight duration

The plane flies between the continents. A quick non-stop jet takes you from sunny Miami to Ibiza Airport.

Board Falcon 2000

Number of seats10
Flight Range7410km / 4600 mi
Trunk5,21 m/ 17’1″
Air tightness+
Speed789 km / h / 489 mi /h
Flight DurationUp to 6,5 h

Long-range Airplanes – Airplane rental – how to plan a vacation

What kind of ship is this?

The leader among leased flights works quickly and powerfully in the conditions of long transcontinental travels.

What is it suitable for?

Equipped conference rooms and comfortable apartments, a equipped kitchen area and the presence of the necessary multimedia with access to high-tech communications will allow you to realize a flight of any complexity.

How far flies?

The liner is designed for a long journey, which will allow moving from the USA to China.

Number of seats16
Flight range11389 km/ 7074 mi
Trunk5,20 m / 17’2″
Air tightness+
Speed905 km / h / 560 mi/h
Flight DurationUp to 11 h

Business class liners – Airplane rental – how to plan a vacation

What it is?

This is a high-class vessel that serves VIP passengers on long transatlantic flights.

What is it for?

Meeting rooms, lounge areas, personal bedrooms with shower, equipped kitchen – the liner provides everything for a comfortable air travel. Taking care of the personal space of our customers, we are pleased to provide a vessel with a huge side and personal rooms.

Range of flight

The airliner is able to move passengers an unlimited distance, for example, from California to the UK.

Business liner Airbus A319 / ACJ

Number of seats18-48
Distance9111 km  / 5654 mi
Trunk capacity8,3 m / 27’6″
Tightness board+
Speed852 km / h / 528 mi /h
Flight DurationUp to 6 h

Need help planning a private flight? We will help solve any of your problems.

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