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Why choose yacht tours

September 01, 2023

Yacht tours are becoming more and more popular, so our charter company is constantly creating new routes and improving the boat.

Traveling on a yacht is something special that distracts from the hustle and bustle, gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

You have nowhere to hurry, you can see all the surroundings, and an experienced captain will be happy to tell you about all the sights that you will meet on the planned route.

Features and benefits of yachting

Rest on a yacht is an opportunity to relax and completely surrender to emotions, because the captain will be responsible for all the nuances. You just have to relax and look at the stunning views while walking along the sea.

  1. The skipper will show you the brightest surroundings, give you the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters and tell you where the most beautiful sunsets and amazing local dishes are.
  2. Yacht tours are not as expensive as it seems at first glance. The tour is a group of people, so you get a first-class trip at a good price.
  3. Plus, you can meet new people!
  4. A luxury yacht tour route is created in such a way that every day you get to new amazing places, see fascinating landscapes, and be able to take pictures near beautiful bays or near gorgeous bays.

In general, each new day of the cruise is completely different from the previous one, so you can safely apply to a yacht charter and order the most suitable tour for you.

Why is a yacht trip better than staying in a hotel?

Cabin rental on a yacht is something you should definitely try if you have not been on a tour of the open sea before. First, it is a new useful experience. And this is much more interesting than lying on the beach all day or spending time boringly in a hotel.

Renting a gulet gives you the opportunity to constantly enjoy new views, visit unfamiliar places or swim in clear waters away from the shore. And sea sunsets and sunrises are an incredible sight that is definitely worth seeing!

On a boat tour, you will get a sea of unforgettable emotions and impressions, and you will also go ashore to have dinner or go on a tour of amazing places.

Having tried a yacht vacation just once, you will forever give up boring repetitive days on the shore and tedious animations on the territory of the hotel.

Choose a yacht tour or boat rental?

Renting sailing yachts, motor yachts or a catamaran is an excellent choice if you want to celebrate any holiday with your loved ones or enjoy a secluded vacation with your soulmate. But yacht tours are suitable for those who want to see a lot of sights, explore the endless expanses of the sea, but at the same time do not have the opportunity or simply do not want to rent a whole ship.

At the same time, on the tour you will also be able to experience all the delights of yachting and feel the freedom, feel like a real captain and visit the most uninhabited corners of the islands.

Renting a yacht is also a lot of responsibilities that the captain of the ship takes on directly on the tour. You can completely forget about all the worries and fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment.

Which type of yacht is right for me?

For tours in various directions or just renting yachts, different types of vessels are offered:

  • sailing yachts that are controlled by the wind;
  • powered boats that require a mechanical propulsion system attached directly to the boat;
  • A catamaran is a two-hull ship with cabins. At the same time, each cabin has its own bathroom, which is very convenient for traveling long distances, or just overnight cruises;
  • gulet is a spacious comfortable wooden yacht with two masts. They work both with sails and with the help of a motor;
  • luxury yachts – large yachts, from 20 meters in size, with excellent furniture, fully equipped with everything you need. Such vessels are available for rent only in conjunction with the crew.

What do you need to know about booking a tour?

When deciding on a tour on a yacht, as well as when choosing a tour package, you should choose for yourself the date, the place you want to go to, the type of yacht and the route. Our charter company offers many active programs in different countries.

The price you pay for the tour usually includes a place in a cabin, fuel, captain’s services, transfer to the ship, bedding and souvenirs from the company. Separately, you will have to buy air tickets, food for the journey, and you can also order certain services directly on the ship.

For example, some tours offer yoga classes, diving or a cocktail bar. Additional services are used solely at your request.

Choosing between renting a yacht and a tour, we can conclude that the second option is much more budgetary. At the same time, there will not be much difference between the routes.

Yes, it is worth renting a whole ship if you want to relax with your loved ones, but if you just want to enjoy the open spaces of the sea, you can go on a yacht tour.

Moreover, our company offers many interesting and varied routes, you can choose the perfect program for yourself!

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